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Skull Fuck



Not that I wasn’t already fucked in the head but now it’s literally true.   See that? that’s my skull, see those drops? that’s TITANIUM.



Yes they rebuilt that fucker when some Active Military Serviceman on leave in his girlfriend’s parents SUV, 3 days before Christmas, trying to get 2 car lengths ahead, blew through a yellow light going like 25 miles over the speed limit, T- boning my car and making it flip over. When I was being air lifted to the hospital in a helicopter, he was telling the cops I pulled in front of him, so they wrote ME the ticket!  He might have gotten away with it if I wasn’t on my way to teach a guitar lesson to a really good Jewish lawyer.

I have no recollection of anything after waiting at the light to make a left turn, completely blacked out coming to briefly in the helicopter. I had one more lesson to go before I was going to drive across state to spend the holidays with my family. That’s why almost most everything I owned was in the a car. My guitar, P.A., stands, mics, cables, ( I had played the night before ) luggage, laptop, my laundry. I am very lucky to be alive. The Doctor who rebuilt me Dr. FRANKENSTEIN, was the head of the Maxillofacial Dept. at Nova Southeastern School of Osteopathic Medicine where I was adjunct faculty for 15 years. He is one of the foremost experts in his field Internationally and at the forefront of some bad ass cutting edge technology. Let me put it this way, they made an exact replica of my skull which I got to hold in my hands and then rebuilt it to exact specs.



Go Sharks!

Only by the grace of God was my entire eye socket was shattered but my eye was intact. They rebuilt my orbital floor but my eye was not in the same place it used to be resulting in DIPLOPIA! Yes the Dreaded Diplopia, which causes double vision and dizziness. ALMOST TWO YEARS OF IT NOW AND LET ME TELL YOU DRINKING DOESN’T HELP! & OF COURSE THE PRESCRIPTIONS THEY GIVE YOU WILL KILL YOU! THANK GOD FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA!




I will say Christmas to New Year’s Eve all my friends came to visit me and my hospital room was one big party. I also was visited by my REIKI TEACHER in the hospital and she gave me a sweet little Reikified Teddy Bear which no doubt accelerated my recovery. I was back playing on the beach in a matter of weeks.



 to be continued…