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things that make you go hmmm…


not just any old hmmm…


but like Bob Dylan going hmmm…hmmm…


can I ask you a few questions Bob?


when did you start turning into Vincent Price?



                                   or is it Snidely Whiplash…?


 very scary kids…


back in the day , you were the lovable Dr. Who….

what happened?

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very scary kids…

U.S. Airways new slogan: ” Go F*ck Yourself “






Ultra, Maaan…



When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the show Ultra Man. It was a cheesy Japanese television show where Ultra Man would fight Godzilla like monsters with his amazing super powers. It was on in the afternoon when the kids got out of school. I wasn’t old enough yet to go to school so I remember it being a major deal that I got to go over one of the older kids houses ( who lived half a block away ) to watch it. Yeah fond memories…but no that’s not the Ultra I’m talking about.




Ultra, maan as in the Ultra Music Fest that just took place in Miami for the second and possibly the last time. In case you’ve been living in a cave or are reading this from the far distant future, Ultra is an EDM, Electronic Dance Music Festival. ( No, it’s not a ” rave. ” Nobody uses the term ” rave ” anymore dude.)

The stage and lighting is way more high tech. Sure the music’s basically the same beat all the time but  everyone’s on X ( which they now call Molly but’s it’s not a ” rave! ” ) so it sounds good to them. The tickets are way, way more expensive too nowadays. This year they were $400 and a bunch of people who didn’t have tickets crashed the gate and in the process left a security guard in critical condition. Now the mayor of Miami and a lot of other local people are calling for the end of Ultra fest.



We’ll see what happens. Ultra brings in a lot of money, a lot. Sure 100’s of people get arrested, a couple kids die of drug overdoses, girl’s make out with trees or piss on random passed out guys, but hey to make an omelet you got to break some eggs right?


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