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Food, Fuel, Fiber, & Medicine



We were the University of Miami Hemp Awareness Council and that was our mantra: FOOD, FUEL, FIBER, and MEDICINE! UM HAC back in the 90’s, we were a bonafide student organization that met weekly on campus in the UC, our mission was to promote the many benefits of hemp.


Originally the group branched off from Earth Alert, another UM student organization after they thought the topic of hemp as a solution to our environmental problems was too controversial for an Earth Day event.


We advocated hemp’s use to replace paper and end ridiculous and inefficient logging practices. An acre of hemp can yield 3 times biannually the same amount of old growth forest which is cut down once and then is useless. We advocated eating the hemp food products. A handful of hemp seed is full daily requirement of protein that is a USDA figure. Hemp seed is second only to soy bean in protein content and is actually better for you. Too much soy is not good. Doesn’t breakdown like hemp which also contains all the essential fatty acids and amino acids like Omega 3’s and can replace meat and dairy in your diet while still giving your body the nutrition it needs.


We advocated using hemp to replace fossil fuels. Henry Ford was promoting a car the ran on hemp fuel in the 1930’s and was about to start mass producing them. His threat to the petro-chemical industries was one of the main reason the Marihuana Tax Act was hastily passed in 1937.



We advocated it as medicine. When they were railroading the Marihuana Tax Act through Congress, representatives from the AMA, the American Medical Association came before them and pleaded with them to not restrict the use of this important medicine. So way back in UM HAC, that is where I met Elvy the federal patient this was all way before medical marijuana was legal in Cali or any state, but we had a plan…to be continued

*We finally did pass it in 2017 after 20 FUCKING YEARS!!! more here: