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So You Think You’re A Deadhead?


let’s play a game where I quote the lyrics from a song by the Grateful Dead and then you guess which song it’s from ( answers at the bottom of the page )

1. ” Doctor call me crazy, some say I am some say I ain’t ”

2. ” Drink all day, rock all night, law come to get you if you don’t walk right… ”

3.”  the shoe is on the hand that fits ”

4. ” the bus came by, and I got on, that’s when it all began, with Cowboy Neal at the wheel to the bus trip to NeverNeverland ”

( you get extra points if you can tell me Cowboy Neal’s last name, p.s. I don’t think they were going to Micheal Jackson’s ranch either )

5. ” When life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door ”

6. ” Copper dome bodhi, drip a silver kimono, like a crazy quilt stargown through a dream night wind ”

7. ” I bought you a paddle for your paper canoe ”

8. ” Lady finger dipped in moonlight, writing what for across the morning sky ”

9. ” the sky was yellow and the sun was blue ”

10. ” the kids they dance and shake their bones, while the politicians throwing stones ”

ok no cheating scroll down for the answers…

1. New Mingle Wood Blues

2. Tennesee Jed

3. Touch of Grey

4. The Other One

5. Uncle John’s Band

6. China Cat Sunflower

7. Cosmic Charlie

8. St. Stephen

9. Scarlet Begonias

10. Throwing Stones


10 – 8 correct: you are a Gratefully Deadicated head!

7 – 5 correct: you are on the bus!

4 – 1 correct: you and your frat buddies probably saw the Touch of Grey video on MTV and went to the show to try to score drugs and/or pick up hippie chicks.


the OTHER side of the story…


Remember there’s always another side to the story. All you hear is the gossip, the bad stuff. They bad mouth me and say I’ve been in jail but nobody goes around saying I’m a University of Miami alumn. Or that I was at adjunct faculty at Nova Southestern for over a dozen years teaching at their School of Osteopathic Medicine. Or I was the Associate Director of the CAMM ( the Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana ) and spearheaded the Florida referendum campaign.  Not only have I been a music teacher as well for over twenty years but also am a certified yoga instructor. I taught yoga for Broward County Parks and Recreation for five years. I started their yoga program first at Secret Woods and then Anne Kolb Nature Center, and T.Y. Park ( Topeekeegee Yugnee! ) Sure they found out I was a convicted felon and I lost my job but I’m proud to say at least some of those classes are still going. What else…I practice reiki and qi gong. I read tarot and studied the I Ching. I’m somewhat of an afficionado on all things metaphysical. I live at the library ( not literally but a long time ago I did! ) I love reading. I am true book worm. I’m sure I’ve read several thousands of them. I am a Scrabble fiend and once got a 170 point word. I am an accomplished musician who has shared the stage with such luminaries as Bobby Keys, the saxophonist for the Rolling Stones and the Avett Brothers. I have played all over Florida and beyond, from Key West to New Orleans to New York and back. I’ve had songs on the radio. As I said I am very proud of my music. I will always play music but I would like one day to become a real writer. I have written a bunch of songs that I’m really proud of but writing a book must take such discipline, which I don’t have…yet.  For now I’ll blog.

hey check out the link to Secret Woods website:

Scandalous Sensationalism


So the rumor mill has been working overtime. People are saying I’m crazy. That I’m a dick. That I’ve been in and out of jail for the last twenty years. That I’m a drug addict and a drunk. That I’ve done more drugs than anyone’s ever seen. That I’m into black magic and kinky sex. That I fell in love with a teenage girl after going on only one date. That she dropped out of high school and broke my heart and I’ve never been the same since and that I’m finally off probation after doing 10 years  for a dime.ok so all thats true, now let’s talk about those rumors that are going round….

Can you hear me Dr. Wu?


ok so maybe I went too far… AGAIN! the acupuncture sessions seem to help but the effects only lasted about 48 hours at most. I tried to explain to Dr. Wu that chi (which is the universal life force acupuncture deals with) wasn’t the same as kundalini which I have  been suffering from the ill effects of releasing for the last twenty odd years after naively practicing sex magick as a teenager. And it wasn’t all the acid I did even though it kind of feels like tripping continually. The vast cultural differences between us rendered this conversation as something out of the Twilight Zone (and that is pretty much how I feel anyway!)


I explained to him I had just spent the last 12 years working for an Osteopathic Medical School and how  the A.M.A. (American Medical Association) now recognizes kundalini syndrome as something that does affect a very small percentage of Americans, their very symbol being a veiled reference to it (but don’t tell them that!) Even though that symbol, the “Caduceus” or “Rod of Hermes” comes from the Greek Hermetical tradition it references universal human/spiritual phenomenon. Kundalini, the sleeping serpent does reside in the root chakra of every man, woman, and child. The use of obscure Sanskrit terms is only necessary because there aren’t any equivalents in English (or any other language for that matter…) Yes, when awakened the Kundalini unites the individual spark of divinity with it’s unlimited source but this is to be done under the guidance of a Guru and not to be taken lightly!

So please heed the warnings! Done wrong, or partially or whatever a  rollercoaster of psychic turmoil is all I can describe it as. Reunification of polar opposites is possible but for now leave that for the most hardy of psychonauts. ( for more info see KUNDALINI FAQ at the bottom of the page )

for now please…

all night long sing this stupid song:

Katy tried,
I was halfway crucified,
I was on the other side,
Of no tomorrow,
You walked in,
And my life began again,
Just when I’d spent the last piaster,
I could borrow,

All night long,
We would sing that stupid song,
And every word we sang,
I knew was true,
Are you with me Doctor Wu ?
Are you really just a shadow,
Of the man that I once knew?
Are you crazy are you high,
Or just an ordinary guy?
Have you done all you can do?
Are you with me Doctor?

Don’t seem right,
I’ve been strung out here all night,
I’ve been waiting for the taste,
You said you’d bring to me,

Biscayne Bay,
Where the Cuban gentlemen sleep all day,
I went searching for the song,
You used to sing to me,
Katy lies,
You could see it in her eyes,
But imagine my surprise,
When I saw you…

Are you with me Doctor Wu?
Are you really just a shadow?
Of the man that I once knew,
She is lovely yes she’s sly,
And you’re an ordinary guy,
Has she finally got to you,
Can you hear me Doctor?

KUNDALINI FAQ ( frequently asked question )

p.s. what is a piaster and can I possibly please borrow one?

( ;


Baker Acted on Broadwalk



 This is kind of embarrassing but what happened was they Baker Acted Saxophone Bill at one of our gigs up on the beach. It was the day we filmed that scene for a movie at Dania Beach Grill. We started drinking early that day so by the time we got to our other gig on Jake’s on the Hollywood Broadwalk we were feeling no pain. But I noticed Bill was already half in the bag. First set went ok but second set it sounded like a mini tribute to John Coltrane and in the solo of Brown Eyed Girl. Unbeknownst to me he had a flask of whiskey that he had been nipping on all day. Bill’s crazy enough already but hard liquor sends him over the edge. I always said Bill’s only slightly less crazy than me but he’s one hell of a musician who plays the best saxophone I’ve ever heard.  I did notice he started getting loud, talking to himself and laughing maniacally in the first set, but that’s Bill. I thought  his playing was great in the second set, but by the third set he was dropping random atonal horn bombs ala John Coltrane in songs like Brown Eyed Girl. I dug it actually but it freaked out the customers and the place started clearing out. Jake the owner told me to send him packing. But Bill wouldn’t listen and it accelerated when he wouldn’t stop playing. I told him if he didn’t leave they were calling the police. I took cab fare out of the tip jar and gave it to him. I told him I’d bring him his horns later. He still wouldn’t budge. When I tried to push him out the door he turned on me like a wild animal. At this point he was speaking in strange tongues and frothing at the mouth ( turns out he speaks some mysterious Eastern European dialect but they thought he was possessed! ) When he lunged at me, one of the big dudes who works in the kitchen came out and wrestled him down to the pavement. Soon after the cops arrived and put him in the backseat of their cruiser. We were playing another set as they drove away ( the show must go on! )  Anyway he showed up on my doorstep later the next day. He wasn’t arrested. They took him to the hospital and kept him 24 hours for observation. And thankfully I didn’t lose my gig so while we will be playing this Friday at Jake’s on the Beach 5 – 9pm Saxophone Bill won’t be playing with us.


 p.s. he will however be playing with us Saturday 4 – 8pm at the Organic Brewery!