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Jerry Garcia died for your sins…



Jerry Garcia died today Aug. 9th, in 1995, not just Deadheads but the whole world mourned. Now the days between his birthday Aug. 1st and the 9th, the date of his death are celebrated as ” the Days Between, ” after a Grateful Dead song of the same name. I prefer ” Jerry Days ” as in ” Jerry days are here again,” sort of high holy days for Deadheads.


I’m not saying they didn’t play a large role in his death ( or his life for that matter ) but drugs didn’t kill him. Stopping doing drugs killed him. Jerry was the hardest working man in show business, ( and you thought it was James Brown ) routinely playing 100, 200 gigs a year. He said doing dope made it like a “working vacation. ” But drugs didn’t kill him. His heart went out going through withdrawal. So kids if you’re not doing drugs, don’t start and if you are…don’t stop! WWJD? lol enjoy the holiday…

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