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Ghosts of Halloween Past









*these are real pictures of normal, average kids in costume from the earliest days of Halloween that I found on the internet, if you we’re trying to read what that one picture said ” They all died while trick or treating and the all died much too young, Now they were doomed to eternity scaring all the other ghosts”…spooky!




oh noooo it’s Vibrio Vulnificus!



oh noooo it’s Vibrio Vulnificus!

Here in Florida, just when it seemed like a Zombie Apocalypse had been averted…I mean it’s been a whole year without any new incidents of attacks by flesh eating Zombies, but then suddenly a few weeks ago, people started dropping like flies. 10 people so far have died because of a mysterious flesh eating bacteria in the water called Vibrio Vulnificus. I know it sounds like the plot of a B-grade horror movie, but I assure you it’s not. Vibrio Vulnificus is real and it’s deadly.




They’ve reported on the evening news that this flesh eating bacteria has been found on beaches in 22 counties in Florida and maybe lurking all along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas. But take note all the cases of people who have died were in Florida. It’s always in Florida. So if you come here on vacation, it’s probably best if you stay away from the water. You might even want to stay away from the pool at your hotel. In fact you probably would be better off staying inland, in your hotel room, with the door bolted….Happy Halloween 2013!




* actual photo the survivor of the face munching Zombie attack recovering in a South Florida hospital

Fiscal Cliff Notes



Tuesday October 8th, 2013 – The U.S. Government is on what is being called a “partial shutdown”. Democrats and Republican’s are in a stand off over the budget for the fiscal year that started last Tuesday. The House Republicans  and Democrats can’t come to an agreement because they are wrangling over the Affordable Care Act aka Obama care. 800,000 federal works have been “furloughed”, basically layed off without pay. Federal Offices, Parks, Monuments, etc. are closed. Many Federal programs are shut down. If Congress doesn’t come to an agreement by the 17th, the U.S. could default on it’s debt and go over the proverbial “Fiscal Cliff.”




The U.S. is on the verge of maxing out its $16.699 trillion credit card. I know what your thinking…will the president get paid during a shutdown? The answer is yes. His salary, $400,000 is considered mandatory spending. It won’t be affected. So you can all you can sleep soundly now. Goodnight.