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leaking jing


doctor exam


「医者は中に入ります。 『サー、私には悪い知らせがあります。自慰行為をやめなければならなくなるのではないかと思います。」 患者:わかりません、doc。なぜ?’ 医者:「私はあなたを調べようとしているから」






for those of you that don’t read Japanese:

`Isha wa-chū ni hairimasu. “Sā, watashiniha warui shirase ga arimasu. Jii kōi o yamenakereba naranaku naru node wanai ka to omoimasu.’ Kanja: Wakarimasen, doc. Naze?’ Isha: `Watashi wa anata o shirabeyou to shite irukara’



japs laughjaps laughs



and for those of you that don’t read or speak Japanese:

The doctor walks in: ‘Sir, I have some bad news. I’m afraid you’re going to have to stop masturbating.’

Patient: ‘I don’t understand, doc. Why?’

Doctor: ‘Because I’m trying to examine you.’




where in the world is Fan Bingbing?



I’m sure most of you are asking yourself, who in the world is Fan Bingbing? While you may have never heard of her, she’s arguably the biggest star on the planet right now, one of the highest paid in the world. The beautiful Chinese actress is like the female Johnny Depp, universally loved by all. In China alone she has millions of fans, maybe even a billion. (the current population of China is 1,417,748,470 as of Monday, January 14, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates.)


Fans’s been the highest paid celebrity in China for the last 4 years. ($43 million last year alone.) Therein lies the reason for her disappearance. Chinese authorities had ruled that no actor or actress may make more than 70% of the total salary of the entire cast or 40% of production costs. Insiders say this led to top film stars not truthfully disclosing the actual amount they we’re getting paid.


Fan had not been seen in public since June of last year. A spokesperson for Fan denied she committed tax evasion but a state news outlet declared last Sept. that she was “about to receive legal judgement.” Speculation ran wild that she had been taken into custody, had been sent to a government “re-education” camp, that she had died. The scandal ground the Chinese Film Industry to a halt. Now it’s come to light she was brought to trial. The Chinese judicial system is notorious for it’s lack of transparency but this was a case that was known on a global scale. (unlike the millions being held in secret camps according to the U.N.’s human right’s watch.) Fan’s fans we’re distraught, while the death penalty for tax fraud was removed in 2011, life imprisonment was still possible. It’s been reported that after her “confession”, she was given a stupendous fine of 884 million yuan (in US dollars $127.8 million). 5 days ago, Fan surfaced as a model in a Psrs a sun glass company’s catalog.

fan screen-shot-2019-01-09-at-19.50.32

State of the Union


donald-trump-wall edit

January 2019 – ok so here’s the state of the union in a nutshell, it’s FUCKED UP! Trump has got the government on a partial shutdown that he says won’t end til he gets the billions he needs to build a wall on the Mexican border from the Dems. The wall he said the Mexican government was going to pay for. I mean even if they do build a wall, he does know they’re really good at tunneling, right?

mexicam wallmageedit_59_9582563277

So the government has been on shutdown for almost a month, putting paycheck freezes on federal workers, all national parks and monuments are closed, many agencies are effected including the F.B.I. hampering on-going investigations. What I want to know is how is it effecting the Deep States covert operations like illicit drug dealing and supplying weapons to terrorist groups, that further the ‘New World Order’ goals of the internationalist globalist elite? Probably not at all, and how is Trump going to pay for all the mass arrests and  military tribunals to indict these Deep State criminals now?


2018 the year in review



On this the last day of 2018, I’m looking back trying to put some perspective on just what the hell happened this year.



It started out with a New Year’s Eve gig at the Walkabout Beach Resort on Hollywood Beach, a nice little hotel on the Broadwalk with a tiki bar in their courtyard. Me and my band, the Beach Bums had been playing there for the last decade or so but now we were down to only two bums, me and Saxophone Bill. In fact it was our last gig there ever after they went corporate and cut way back on their entertainment budget. But as they say when one door closes another one opens…




I had a few other gigs lined up like the New Life Expo at the Palm Beach Convention Center that I look forward to every year. That is where I ran into Master Qi Feilong, a qi gong master from China. I bumped into him in the hallway, literally. He was taken back for a moment, then he looked at me and laughed and said “you’re a lucky guy.” As he handed me his card, he repeated as he walked away, “you’re a lucky guy.”


Qi Feilonggg


to be continued…



return of the Magi



The Magi, the three wise men that traveled from the east following a star in the Biblical story of the birth of baby Jesus ( Matthew 2:1 ), were associated with Zoroastrianism. The words magic and magician are derived from their name.


Zoroastrians were learned men, knowledgeable in science and astrology. They also were known for the use of herbs and held cannabis in special significance. So the “incense”, the  frankincense and myrrh they brought as gifts ( along w/ the gold ) no doubt would have included preparations that included cannabis. The “holy annointing oils” mentioned in the Bible did in fact contain cannabis. Linguistic evidence cites the use of the term “kaneh bosom” in the original Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the Old Testament as refering to cannabis. The “holy oil” God directs Moses to make in Exodus 30:23 contained “kaneh bosom.”


Sources: “Marijuana, the first 12,000 years”

Earnest Abel

Phenum Press 1980

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Chris Bennett, Lynn & Judy Osburn

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“Marijuana & the Bible”

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Wacko in Waco


I was talking with a friend of mine and it “jogged my memory” so to speak, made me remember stuff about my big hit “Wacko in Waco”…now if I could just remember the words.

25 years ago back in the Spring of ’93 I had my big hit “Wacko in Waco” ( not that the b-side ” We Ain’t Comin’ Out ” didn’t get a lot of airplay as well… ) I kid you not for one hot minute was being played all over the country on radio, tv, etc back in the pre-internet days! the song was released as a fricking 45! yes a little vinyl round thingy! ( *that I later sold mail order with an ad in Maximum Rock’Roll as the Second Coming of G. D. Allen see sleeve )



…only 500 45’s were printed but we figure all the morning DJ’s were using file sharing in 1993 even if the general public wasn’t because after it was played locally it suddenly was everywhere in the country, in Miami alone Kimba played it live on the rock station, Neil Rogers and Rick and Suds on WIOD talk radio, Michael Stock on WLRN public radio, plus WDNA and of course WVUM University of Miami’s college radio station, then it appeared on Channel 7 and 7:30 ( see clip )  a week later it was picked up by radio and tv stations all over the country, a UM student later told me he heard it in New Jersey on Howard Stern’s show, which was out of NYC, I also heard about it being played in L.A.
Image result for tiger tail lounge coconut grove
I only found out about all this when I biked up to the Tiger Tail Lounge, the scurvy dog dive bar by the docks in Grove. I was sleeping on a couch in an office in one of the boat warehouses in Coconut Grove Marina ( now a Fresh Grocery store btw ) I was all beat up, homeless, and broke after an ex Marine named Chiz sucker punched me in the living room of the rental property we both lived in in South Miami because my puppy shit on the rug. Even though he had just moved in and he assaulted me I got evicted. I remember coming home from a gig at Churchill’s with these two hippie girls who helped me put all my stuff in a grocery cart and we started wheeling it towards the Grove….good times.
So where was I? ok so I bike up to Tiger Tail and they’re playing my song Wacko in Waco on the jukebox! like every 10 minutes! I said he that’s me maan but nobody believed me I showed them my ID then they all started buying me rounds. I called my agent Jeff Sadowsky on the pay phone and he was freaking out saying where have you been? the records being played all over the country, turn on Channel 7 which I did…you can watch it here:

p.s. I hope this link works I’m blocked on FB for 30 days so if you like please repost it on there for me thanks





p.p.s. Waco then the false flag Oklahoma Bombing operation was the beginning of the Deep State’s overt genocidal machinations that led up to 911, public blood baths of not just a few armed men in the case of the Waco siege but innocent women and children to a. silence dissent b. discredit the militia movement c. leading to blind acceptance of the NWO’s agenda you won’t find the truth on any of the “official” controlled opposition conspiracy theory documentaries that you find on Netflix. As a dedicated deprogrammer I am here to walk you through the steps…save the links and digest as you can for one:

who really was Timothy McVie? watch this You Tube video:



John F. Kennedy Jr. Funeral. Single.

nice resume



It’s hard these days for the non conformist that thinks for themselves to make a buck. even mindless, worker drones willing to slave away their time in exchange for pennies on the dollar, no question asked for a mega wealthy corporation that obviously doesn’t put people or animals or the planet before profits, are having a hard time making ends meet. hell even their mid level management, who do all the dirty work and have to sell out their brothers and sisters to keep the wage slaves in line are having a hard time these days.


Do you think the 1% at the top of the food chain give a rat’s ass? how naive are you? do you really think Monsanto executive’s and their families eat the GMO crap they pump out to the unsuspecting populace of sheep*? no way! do you think McDonald’s or Burger King or any top executive’s at one of the many fast food death merchant chains actually eat there?




Yeah it’s hard to get a real job these days. I got a great resume but after 5 cops stood around kicking me, smashing my face repeatedly into the pavement, pepper spraying me directly in the face while already cuffed (and even later at the police station) charging me with 4 felonies in one night, including 2 counts of “assault of a LEO” (Law Enforcement Officer) all trumped up BULLSHIT which makes me look like a cop killer even though all I did was get the shit beaten up of me for nothing because they needed to cover their ass and they didn’t have any real charges. With that on my record it really doesn’t matter what my resume says. believe me I know I’m lucky I’m white, if I was black they would have shot my ass dead! of course you didn’t here about this in the news, just a daily occurrence in Amerika where the cops are more dishonest then your average criminal.




So what did I do? I pulled into a parking lot of a comvenience store and some black guy outside the  store offered to sell me a dime. When the cops pulled in the lot, I drove off and kept going, thinking they were going to arrest the drug dealer dude!? I didn’t know he was a cop. I didn’t know there’s no such thing as “entrapment” in the state of FL. I didn’t know you could charge someone with “assault” which doesn’t mean you hurt anyone ( that would be battery. ) it just means you “had possible intent to do them harm.” I certainly never heard of the BULLSHIT CHARGE “assault on a LEO with a deadly weapon!” which means what? they allege when I drove past their car (at a very low rate of speed, one of the other charges was “low speed fleeing and eluding”) I could have rammed their car. so my car was the “weapon” (later when they sent the SWAT team to my house a knife with a small, not even sharp blade was a “weapon.”) Basically everything’s a weapon, a bunch of bullshit designed to make you look like an enemy of the state so they can justify their unprovoked violence.




The cops in FL play word games that make you an instant felon and loyal customer that keeps coming back once you’re in their revolving system of jail/probation/jail. While I was awaiting trial even my judge went to jail after she was found drunk and disoriented with nothing on below the waist in a hotel hallway at a legal conference in Amelia Island.


My case stretched out for a over a year before I went to trial and then they offered me a plea. I should have never taken “paper” jailhouse speak for probation, because I spent the next 8 years in and out of jail or on probation after violating several times for the most trivial shit. I also spent a year and then 8 months on house arrest. I pissed in the cup, I paid them their $50 a month (even for the time your in jail you have to pay) all those years BUT just before I was about to get off, they sent the SWAT Team to my house which found my athame, a small knife in a sheath tat was part of my Rennaissance costume which they said was a “weapon” charged me with a V.O.P. violation of probation and I went back to jail yet again.




That’s all the work of the BSO, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, they wrote the book on corruption. the officers that entrapped and assaulted in the first place were all really dirty. some are in jail now themselves. all them had done this many times before but they got away with it even though I had a supposedly top notch lawyer who took my life savings they left me to hang. hey he plays golf with the judge on the weekends, didn’t you know that?



p.s. my actual RESUME:

Education: University of Miami B.F.A. in Cinema 1988

Musician and Music Teacher 198*– present

Yoga Instructor 2000 – present

Nova Southeastern School of Osteopathic MedicineAdjunct Faculty 2000 – 2010

Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana C.A.M.M. Associate Director 1997 – 2000

Other Work Experience: Southeastern Guitar Academy Instructor 1990 – 1993

Filmworks P.A. 1990 – 1995

Broward County Parks & Recreation Yoga Instructor 2000 – 2005