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for the Gratefully Dedicated



Last time I tried this, everyone said it was way too easy so here’s a quiz for the hardcore heads.



Q. #1. what was the first song on their very first release?


Q. #2. what did the band want to originally call ( to the horror of their record company ) their live album that came to be known as ” Skull & Roses ” ?

Q. #3. when you held the cover of ” Mars Hotel ” up to a mirror what phrase could be read in the artwork?


Q. #4. what album was produced by Little Feat front man Lowell George?

Q. #5. what was the name of their last release?



Q. #6. name all the keyboardists ( in chronological order ) that became members of the band?

Q. #7. what was Pig Pen’s real name?


Q. #8. what was Owlsey’s full name?

Q. #9. what was his nickname?

Q. #10. the Dead were famous for having two drummers, which one came first?



Q. #11. what song was the most played live by the band? ( hint: it was an original composition )

Q. #12. what song was the second most played live? ( hint: it’s not an original composition )

Q. # 13. who wrote that song?

Q. #14. what was the only song they recorded that was written and sung by Keith Godchaux?

Q. #15. what was the last song of their last concert in 1995 at Soldier Field in Chicago?



Q. #16. in what year did the band play their most shows?

Q. #17. in what year did they play their second most?

Q. #18. at what venue did they play the most shows?

Q. #19. TRUE or FALSE the Dead played at both Woodstock and Altamont?

Q. #20. the band was famous for their relentless touring of the United States, but what 5 states did they never play a show?



A. #1 ” The Golden Road ( To Unlimited Devotion ) “

A. #2 ” Skull Fuck “


A. #4 ” Shakedown Street “

A. #5 I thought it was ” Built to Last ” too, but no it was ” Live Without a Net “

A. #6 Ron ” Pigpen ” McKernan, Tom Constanten, Keith Godchaux, Brent Mydland, Vince Welnick,

( also played keyboards with the band but not actual members Howard Wales, Ned Lagin, and of course Bruce Hornsby )

A. #7 Ron McKernan

A. #8 Augustus Owsley Stanley III

A. #9  Bear

A. #10 Bill Kreutzmann

A. #11. ” Playing in the Band “

A. #12.” Not Fade Away “

A. #13. Buddy Holly

A. #14. ” Let Me Sing Your Blues Away ”  …which I love btw

A. #15. ” Box of Rain “

 A. #16. 1970

A. #17. 1969

A. #18. Winterland

A. #19. FALSE they were at Altamont but they never played! doh!

A. #20. Arkansas, Delaware, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming…