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Congratulations on your Graduation Day!



Congratulations of your Graduation Day! I now have a B.F.A. a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema, no less. Which has prepared me for fuck all but maybe a detailed analysis of the symbolism of the Odessa Steps sequence in that Russian agit prop classic Battleship Potamkin and it better be good because my professor was Miami Herald Film Critic Bill Cosford and he didn’t fuck around. ( Did I just use a run on sentence that has fuck in it twice? ) I aced all my other classes but his. That bastard graded so hard he brought my G.P.A. down to a low B. Oh well I graduated that’s all that matters.


potemkin2 battleship-potemkin



I did win Best Director Award at the Canes Film Fest, not the Cannes Film Fest as in France, Canes as in Hurricanes. I do hope one day to win a Palme D’Or. My short film was nominated, an excerpt from ” The Biltmore Blues ” a musical comedy I wrote, a story based on true events and set in Depression Era 30’s at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. It’s about two brothers, one Poz who took the straight and narrow road and now is set to win a historic golf game and the $10,000 prize and the other Ned who took the crooked one and now is who plotting to steal the money in the safe ( which really belongs to mobster Al Capone who was living on the 13 floor ) While everyone is preoccupied during the game…I don’t want to spoil it for you. The script did get some attention and interestingly the approval of Arva Moore Parks who was going to help me get a grant to get it produced before she sadly passed away. The movie never made it to the silver screen but I still have the script in a box in my closet if you want to read it.



Biltmore 1


The graduation ceremony took place on the beautiful University of Miami campus at the Beaumont Theater the same place the Canes Awards were held. It was later renamed the Bill Cosford Cinema. He sadly passed away suddenly from pneumonia after returning from a weeklong ski trip. So I’m sorry I called you a bastard. You taught me well to do fuck all and I do it well and when I win that Palme D’or I’m going to thank you for it. TO BE CONTINUED>>>





Wasted Celebrities



It’s the weekend and I usually would be out getting wasted myself but I’m home looking at pictures of wasted celebrities on the internet. Oh how times have changed…in our celebrity obsessed culture it’s refreshing to see them not as their publicists want us to see them, but as they actually are, out on the town completely wasted and making fools of themselves just like us regular folk! …so I googled “wasted celebrities” and sure there’s the usual suspects:

Lindsay Lohan


Brittany Spears



 Paris Hilton


Tara Reid


Mel Gibson



 Charlie Sheen of course…



but there’s also pictures of

Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cameron Diaz…


a_little_too_much_booze_for_these_celebrities_part_2_640_23 a_little_too_much_booze_for_these_celebrities_part_2_640_08 a_little_too_much_booze_for_these_celebrities_part_2_640_05

Matthew McConaughey, Kevin Spacey, Jessica Simpson,

matthre a_little_too_much_booze_for_these_celebrities_part_2_640_34jessica1

some funny, Heather Locklear, Mini Me…


some tragic…Courtney Love, Amy Winehouse…


courtneyCourtney courtney-love-drunk        article-1028063-01AFFCF900000578-543_468x65155cf7cc53373ffull_227714693

the funniest of all was Tom  Hanks posing behind some passed out guy.