Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pot Tarts!


Breakfast will never be the same ol’ same ol’ again. Glory glory hallelujah, rise and shine ’cause it’s time to wake and bake! Kellogg’s has just introduced a new product that’s generating quite a buzz in the industry. Kellogg’s Strawberry Pot Tarts, made with real weed. This is a real surprise coming from a company that was thought to be not 420 friendly in the least, after dropping Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps from an endorsement deal after pictures of him toking on a bong surfaced on the internet in 2009.

But times have changed and now with their competitors Quaker Oats and General Mills coming out with Capt’n Chronic and Weedies cereal respectively ( not to mention Gerneral Mills snapping up Phelps and other celebrities as enthusiastic spokesmen ) it was time for Kellogg’s to step up their game!

2012…so far so good?


So here we are midway through the year the world is supposed to end and so far so good. No more catastrophic events than usual I should say, just the same old, same old: floods, droughts, fire and brimstone. Even that whole ” zombie apocalypse ” thing was just a few isolated incidents. Perhaps the whole Mayan prophecy thing is just a false alarm. But wait there is one thing… Dick Clark, the world’s old teenager passed away back in April. Dick Clark the man we counted down to New Years with for decades. Without Dick Clark, there can be no New Year’s Eve! Oh no maybe the Mayans were right after all!? AAAAAAAHHHHH ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!