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20th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew


That Monday the first week of classes at University of Miami were to begin but that was the year Hurricane Andrew paid an unexpected visit. It was August 24th, 1992. That weekend Lollapalooza was on Saturday night. I didn’t go but my band mates all did and came back high on mushrooms. The next day everyone was at Home Depot and Publix buying supplies while were stocking up on dope and tequila. All our neighbors are boarding up there houses and heading out of town and we were playing in the living room having a party. By nightfall, when they knew it was going to hit us, we piled the couches up against the front windows, and whatever else we could find. We were kind of left to fend for ourselves. We were still playing when the power went out about 2 am. It was all still fun and games ‘til the huge tree in the front yard came crashing down, smacking against the front of the house. That scared the shit out of us. Then we hunkered down in the hallway and kept partying as we rode out the storm. And what a hell of a storm it was, a Category 5. That old house took a beating. When the eye of the storm passed over us at dawn, we walked out in the yard. It was eerily still. Some of my neighbors had lost their roof. All the streets were blocked by down trees and powerlines. We took a look around and then went back inside, there was still some more storm to go. That morning when it finally passed, we went in to the backyard and found a huge parrot ( I think a mackaw ) with a broken wing. We figure he came from Parrot Jungle just down the road. We took him in and nursed him back to health. Later me and a buddy biked all the way to Mattheson Hammock Park. There’s a marina there. The first thing we see at the front gate of the park is the ice machine from the marina a mile down the road just sitting there. On the road we saw boats in the middle of the forest, no trees down around them. They came flying straight down. When we got to the marina, there would be demolished boats on top each other next to a boat with not a scratch. Never seen anything like it.


When we biked back, U.S. 1 was utter chaos. ( yeah even more than usual! ) It was full of cars but all the traffic lights were out. No power anywhere. People were standing in line in the dark at the Tom Thumb to buy whatever they could, cash only of course. It was chaos. The National Guard was called and there was curfew at dusk. This went on for months.  What was supposed to be the band’s first gig on the U.M. Patio was cancelled but we ended debuting at Tent City in Homestead playing on a wooden stage, all the equipment running by generator. That was only a few days after Andrew. When we drove down there it was quite a sight. South Dade had been really devastated. We were playing to people who had lost everything and were standing in line for something to eat.  I thought I’d try to cheer them up by playing an old blues classic “ They call it Stormy Monday…” The crowd erupted shouting “ Boo! “ and good naturedly throwing stuff at us. It was good to make them smile. We ended playing 3 different tent cities One weird experience is we had finished playing and it started to rain so we all got in the truck stacked with equipment. The windows were all fogged over as we sat in the truck smoking smoking a joint in the middle of a Christian Missonary Group’s tent that we had played in earlier. As we sat in the truck, they all gathered around us boasting about how many souls they saved that day. ” How many souls did you save today, Brother Bob? ” People had signed some piece of paper saying they were going to turn their life over to the Lord. It was like a fricking Amway meeting. These people had just lost their house and everything else they were exploiting them in their moment of vulnerability. I don’t know it just seemed so phony.  We sat in the truck  in amazement, smoking a joint, watching the whole thing. Like I said our windows were fogged and they never knew we were there.

Andrew had whacked Miami hard but we carried on in style. The neighbors would come over our house at night for a backyard barbeque and we’d play acoustic guitars. I was out of power at Manor Lane for three months. They had power in North Miami so we would drive up there to buy food and take showers. One of the guys parents lived up there. We knew this guy Jose who would score some bud for us on Calle Ocho. One day when he stopped by our parrot was missing. I guess he took it to sell it. It was such a beautiful bird. You know years later my Mom showed me a picture of my Dad and my sisters posing with parrots.

” Where was that taken? ” I asked.

” Parrot Jungle ” she said.

” …in South Miami? When were you guys in South Miami? “

” Oh that was the year before you were born…”

Woah, seeing that picture I had that feeling of Deja Vu. Now I remember. Oh yeah that was the first time I saw these people, seems like a nice family to incarnate in…


Fear and Loathing in Tampa


The GOP’s getting ready for the National Republican Convention next week in Tampa on the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew with a possible Category 1 storm, Issac on the way, this should be good and weird. I’m reprinting this story ” Fear and Loathing in Tampa, your Gonzo guide to the Republican National Convention ” from the Miami New Times in it’s entirety…

Illustrations by Rick Sealock

Fear and Loathing in Tampa: Your Gonzo Guide to the Republican National


from the Miami New Times By Michael E. Miller Thursday, Aug 23 2012

As Republicans prepared to renominate Richard Nixon for president, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson had a crank-fueled moment of clarity inside his Miami Beach hotel room.

“This may be the year when we finally come face to face with ourselves,” Thompson wrote in his classic Fear and

Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72. “We are really just a nation of 220 million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns, and no qualms at all about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.”

Within 24 months, after shredding the Constitution and carpet-bombing Cambodia to hell, Nixon snuck out of the White House like the “drooling red-eyed beast” Thompson had known him to be all along.

Now, 40 years later, the Republican National Convention is returning to Florida. On August 30, Mitt Romney will don a sleek suit and flash his Vaseline smile to a sea of pale-skinned delegates in Tampa. He will compliment the city on hosting the four-day, $123 million orgiastic event. And he will implore the crowd to obey the banners hung from the rafters: “Believe in America.”

Outside the towering Tampa Bay Times Forum, meanwhile, ornery unbelievers will be confined like cattle to designated protest zones. There will be Black Bloc anarchists, Code Pink soccer moms dressed as giant vaginas, a poor people’s camp called Romneyville, and tens of thousands of Ron Paul fanatics descending like libertarian locusts to devour whatever scraps their septuagenarian savior tosses them.

Barred by city officials from bringing masks, puppets, or tricycles, the malcontents will be surrounded by 4,000 heavily armed police — not to mention a city full of conservatives with concealed weapons and a distaste for godless liberals. More than 35,000 die-hard believers will jet into town for a week of GOP glitz, gluttony, and gun worship. They’ll be joined by 15,000 headline-hunting journalists and another 15,000 protesters.

While the mainstream media sucks down speeches by Romney and his new budget boy toy, Paul Ryan, New Times is honoring Thompson’s legacy by doing as he would have done in Tampa: dredging up the real, sordid story behind the convention.

It’s not something you’ll see on CNN. But screw Wolf Blitzer. We’ve got our own guides: pole dancers poised to suck rich Repub visitors dry, professional Sarah Palin porn impersonator Lisa Ann prepping for the performance of a lifetime, aging strip club owner Joe Redner fighting off cancer to flip right-wingers his middle finger one last time, and Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi returning to his home state to chronicle the madness.

“Florida has a lot going for it,” Mandvi says. “Tampa is the birthplace of Hooters, for God’s sake.”

Make no mistake: The RNC‘s return to the Sunshine State is no fluke. For Romney, Ryan, and the rest of the party, Florida is the future.

Since Nixon’s days, conservatives have transformed Florida into a hellish postgovernmental wasteland. Here, super-PACs run wild through suburbs in foreclosure, people trust in only God or their Glock, and the poor are left to literally cannibalize one another on the nightly news. But hey, there’s no state income tax!

As in ’72, Florida is the template for a right-wing takeover in 2012. Pay attention, America, because this crazy collapsed state could soon be yours too.

Americans have long known Florida as the tacky tropical paradise where grandparents go to die — an isthmus of endless sandy beaches and unlimited cottage cheese. Then came the 2000 election, and like a maggot-infested mango, the Sunshine State was revealed to be full of crap.

The backwardness goes way beyond blowing the election and ushering Dubya into office. Decades of conservative dominance in the capitol have made Florida into a dystopian test kitchen for Republicans’ craziest ideas. Mass deregulation coupled with hacked education budgets has made Ponzi schemes the state’s biggest industry. More than a million residents are packing heat. And murder is essentially legal thanks to the Stand Your Ground law.

But all the evidence you need of Florida’s dysfunction comes from a quick study of the state’s fearless leaders — the ones America will soon meet via cable news broadcasts from Tampa.

Let’s start at the top: At the head of the crazy parade is Gov. Rick Scott. His poll numbers read like a thermometer in Reykjavík. For good reason. With his pale, shaven head and unblinking eyes, he looks — and governs — like Lord Voldemort.

Scott’s shadiness preceded his election by decades. As a young lawyer in Texas, he turned a $125,000 investment in two hospitals into a massive health-care empire. Then the feds came sniffing around. They accused Scott’s company — Columbia/HCA — of billing Medicare and Medicaid for bogus lab tests and charging the government for luxuries such as Kentucky Derby tickets. When the investigation went public in 1997, Columbia/HCA’s board booted Scott, but not before handing him $10 million cash and $300 million worth of stock. Three years later, the company pleaded guilty to 14 corporate felonies and paid the government a record $1.7 billion in fees.

You’d think the stink from the largest Medicare fraud case in history would stick to Scott, but in 2010, he ran for governor, dropping more than $75 million of his fortune to recast himself — like Romney — as an entrepreneur. He won by just 1 percent over Democrat Alex Sink (a candidate so bland she’s best remembered today as the great-granddaughter of a Siamese twin circus performer).

Scott’s two years in office have been a nightmare of GOP talking points turned reality. First, he pushed through a law requiring drug tests for welfare applicants, saying it was “unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction.” Instead, taxpayers have subsidized $200,000 worth of tests, much of them conducted by a company owned by Scott’s wife. Capitalism! (Oh, and so far, only 2 percent of the tests have come back positive.) Never mind the fact that the law is likely a violation of the Fourth Amendment‘s protection against unreasonable searches.

Scott didn’t stop there. He also required drug tests of every state employee (because society falls apart if the dudes at the DMV smoke a joint once in a while) and signed a truly bizarre law banning doctors from discussing gun ownership with their patients. He let local governments steamroll the Everglades and then rejected a $2.4 billion high-speed rail system between Orlando and Tampa (which was to be paid entirely by the feds and private businesses). Why? Because trains are communist, you pinko.

Scott’s biggest priority in office, though, has echoed his Republican overlords’ national plans: Suppress poor and minority voters. Last summer he signed a law slashing early voting from 14 days to eight and outlawing voting on the Sunday before the election — coincidentally, the day that black churchgoers usually drive en masse to vote for Democrats. The law made it more difficult for liberal-leaning students to update their addresses to get ballots, and it threatened voter registration groups with fines. Even the Boy Scouts of America took offense.

And Scott targeted Hispanics by ordering a purge of “potentially ineligible” voters from the rolls. It turned out that hundreds were perfectly legit citizens — including one guy who had survived combat in World War II.

You might think you’re safe from this insanity in your East Village apartment or Los Angeles rancho, but the Republicans’ Frankenstein-like experimentation in Florida is already beginning to spread. The most infamously insane idea to go viral is the Stand Your Ground law, at the heart of neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman‘s defense for fatally shooting unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

Normally, to claim self-defense, someone is required to retreat from a threat before opening fire. But in 2005, Florida put the onus on prosecutors to show shooters’ lives were not in danger. Soon the legislation spread to 24 other states.

In Florida, Stand Your Ground has been used by drug dealers to escape murder charges, invoked by one guy after shooting a bear, and cited by a jogger who beat a Jack Russell terrier. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the law is unevenly enforced to favor whites over blacks and Hispanics. And researchers at Texas A&M University recently found it has actually increased homicides across the nation.

Sadly, Stand Your Ground isn’t the only scourge Florida has unleashed upon the States. Decades of deregulation have made it the epicenter of the country’s foreclosure crisis. That same blind faith in business has also turned it into a veritable Scam-istan, ruled by Ponzi schemers such as retiree-bilking Bernie Madoff, cricket-crazy R. Allen Stanford, golden-toilet-owning attorney Scott Rothstein, bogus University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, and dozens of others.

Meanwhile, poor residents have borne the brunt of steep budget cuts. Programs for mental health, substance abuse, and the homeless have been slashed. So when “Miami Zombie” Rudy Eugene ate the face off of indigent Ronald Poppo a few months ago, Floridians weren’t nearly as surprised as the rest of the nation.

Hunter Thompson would be similarly unfazed: “Civilization ends at the waterline,” he once wrote. “Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.”

Oversize pink vaginas. Black Bloc anarchists. The bright-orange spurt of pepper spray into a crowd. Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn has Technicolor nightmares of what could go wrong at the RNC. The moderate Democrat didn’t ask for his city to host the event. But if anything goes awry, it will be endlessly looped on television and YouTube, and he’ll be blamed.

“Other than the Olympics, this will be the most-watched television event in the world this year,” he says. “So yeah, hosting a convention in the middle of hurricane season in this economic and political environment leads to a little gray hair.”

These are strange days for Tampa, and for America. Over the past decade, political polarization has turned the country into a powder keg. Buckhorn’s job is to prevent tens of thousands of convention conservatives and left-leaning protesters from combusting on his streets. It won’t be easy. If the nation has long been coming apart at the seams, Tampa could be the crotch that finally splits wide open.

Inside the convention center will be titans of industry, the billionaire Koch brothers, hordes of Tea Partiers in tri­cornered hats, Bill O’Reilly and Fox News freaks, Karl Rove with his Crossroads GPS super-PAColytes, and a few thousand fawning female Christian fundamentalists toting “Enraptured by Paul Ryan” signs.

On the other side of the picket line will be those resisting America’s rightward shift: Code Pink matriarchs clad as papier-mâché vulvas, carbon-neutral nouveau hippies, and the moldy leftovers of the Occupy movement. More than 15,000 protesters are expected. Videos threatening violence, supposedly by international hacker group Anonymous, have already been uploaded online.

“Mayor Buckhorn can shove his authoritarian zones up his ass,” says a masked protester in one video. “When protest becomes illegal, there is no other option left but to fight.”

Buckhorn says demonstrators have nothing to fear: “I’ve been very clear from the get-go that if you’re coming here to protest, you’re welcome. But if you step out of line and if you’re coming here to cause mayhem, we are going to deal with you.”

The mayor is a cheery man with bright, beady eyes dropped like blueberries onto a doughy face. In true American fashion, he’ll be happy if he can survive August with maximum profit and minimum scandal. “I’m agnostic until the convention is over. For me, it’s not about red-state, blue-state. It’s about green,” Buckhorn admits, estimating the convention will bring Tampa more than $175 million.

Bipartisan bonhomie goes only so far, though. The Secret Service prohibits guns within the convention center, but in a state with more than a million concealed-weapons permits, Tampa will be swimming in sidearms. When Buckhorn asked the governor to ban concealed weapons temporarily in town during the convention, Scott scoffed.

“I’m not an anti-gun kind of guy. I’ve got guns. Up until probably six months ago, I had a concealed-weapons permit,” Buckhorn boasts. “But to interject guns into a potentially combustible environment to me is absurd.”

He says Scott’s snarky response was probably written by the NRA. “He has his opinions about the Second Amendment, and he isn’t going to let the safety of the public or our police officers get in the way of it.”

Scott’s decision isn’t popular in left-leaning Tampa, but it has gone down well in nearby, rabidly Republican Hillsborough County.

“Who’s more likely to have a gun: a pinko commie liberal or a God-fearing Republican?” reasons Joseph Wendt, a Romney supporter in the area. “If you’re a bunch of liberal activists going to protest a conservative event where people are legally allowed to carry guns, you better behave.”

Buckhorn’s stance hasn’t exactly endeared him to progressives plotting to protest the convention, either. They decry his plan to put them in three “clean zones” located several blocks from the Times Forum. And they fear retaliation from the 4,000 heavily armed police officers — paid for by a $50 million Homeland Security grant — who will cordon off downtown.

“We’re not going to do anything illegal,” says Corey Uhl, head of Students for a Democratic Society at the University of South Florida. “But with the recent frameups of NATO protesters in Chicago, you never know what the government will do.”

Others are arguably already breaking the law. A group called the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign rented the land behind an Army surplus store near the Forum. They spread mulch on the parking lot, set up a portable toilet, erected Pepto-Bismol-pink tents, and called it “Romneyville.” Local officials say the tents violate zoning laws, but protesters say they’ll handcuff themselves to fences rather than leave.

“Republicans can’t ignore us,” says Bruce Wright, one of the campaign’s organizers. “This is the future of the United States if things don’t change.”

Buckhorn’s office has tried to contain the craziness by barring protesters from bringing props such as puppets and masks. But he will have his hands full with Code Pink’s vagina costumes.

The outfits were inspired by an incident last year when a Democratic state rep joked that the only way for a Florida woman to avoid Republicans’ invasive reproductive regulations was to “incorporate her uterus.” Republicans scolded him for using the word on the House floor.

“These stupid old-boy white men want to legislate our vaginas,” says Anita Stewart, a home health-care practitioner with a grandmotherly air. “They came out of a vagina and spend the rest of their lives trying to crawl back up in one, but they don’t want to hear the word.

“We’re not in the 17th Century anymore,” Stewart says. “Vagina!”

“Governor!” The shout spun Rick Scott away from his budget presentation and toward the press pool. “You benefit from hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars every year,” asked a reporter he didn’t recognize. “So would you be willing to pee into this cup to prove to Florida taxpayers that you’re not on drugs, that you’re not using that money for drugs?”

“I’ve done it plenty of times,” Scott stuttered.

“Would you pass this forward to the governor?” the reporter said, handing another journalist an empty plastic piss cup.

Sadly, Scott didn’t take a leak. But the governor had been punked. Two months later, the stunt aired on an episode of The Daily Show, lambasting Scott for his welfare drug testing.

It was the most visible victory yet for a native son bent on airing his home state’s unparalleled craziness. “When I first came to Florida as a boy, I said to myself: One day I’m going to ask the governor of this state to give me a urine sample in the middle of a press conference,” says Aasif Mandvi, the comedian-cum-satirist. “Finally my dream came true, and I can cross it off my bucket list.”

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart insists the program is “fake news,” yet its skits surgically expose political hypocrisy better than any 60 Minutes piece. Florida is a favorite target, and Mandvi, who grew up in Tampa, is the perfect gonzo guide.

Born in Mumbai, Mandvi moved to northern England when he was a year old. Fifteen years later, his shop-owner father saw ads for real-estate deals in Florida and moved the family to Tampa. “I came from an all-boys British boarding school to a place where girls were wearing short shorts and everyone was running around on skateboards,” he remembers. “It was completely another dimension for me.”

As a Muslim Indian with a British accent, Mandvi was triply out of place. His new neighbors didn’t know what to make of him. “I don’t think that in the 1980s Americans knew that there were other countries,” he jokes. “They knew that the oil came from somewhere, but they weren’t sure where exactly.”

After high school, he stayed in Tampa to attend the University of South Florida. He majored in theater and later landed a job at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando making fun of guests as part of a wandering improv group. Three years later, he moved to New York.

Watching the city grow suspicious of Muslim-Americans following the September 11 terrorist attacks, Mandvi turned his comedy political. In off-Broadway plays, he mined the “idea of sitting between cultures, between East and West, being Muslim-American but having that experience of being a kid in Florida.” The Daily Show asked him to audition in 2007, and he was hired the same day.

During the past four years, he has traveled the country for segments, but many of his most memorable moments have happened in the Sunshine State.

“Florida is such a huge piece of the pie in terms of national elections,” Mandvi says, “so it becomes a kind of lightning rod for all kinds of political energy. There is a reason why the Republicans are having the convention in Tampa this year.”

He pauses before offering another explanation for the locale of next week’s event: “You can’t ignore the fact that the Republicans are coming and having their convention in the city that has the best strip clubs in the world.”

In five years on the campaign trail, Mandvi has learned what to expect from moments like the RNC. In Tampa, there will be a vastly different scene from the one at the Dems’ convention in Charlotte.

“The DNC felt like just a big frat party, with kegs and people having a great time and dancing. The afterparties were all videogames,” he says of the 2008 convention in Denver. “Then the parties at the RNC always seemed to be debutante balls, with ice sculptures and women in ball gowns.”

In Florida, The Daily Show won’t struggle for material. Just ask executive producer Rory Albanese, who has helped coordinate coverage of six past conventions.

“A lot of that is just because it looks like America’s penis,” he says of Florida. “We didn’t invent that. If it was Long Island, like I’m from, we wouldn’t be a very well-hung country.”

The Tampa convention also dovetails with two of The Daily Show‘s most recurring themes: the mainstream media’s failings and money’s ever-expanding role in politics.

“We all love watching CNN during debates or on election night,” Albanese says. “It’s like they have Q from the James Bond movies in the basement saying, ‘OK, Anderson [Cooper], here is the new jetpack. You’re going to be flying around the studio.’ What weird piece of technology will CNN have spent $50 million on and have no need for tonight?”

In May, The Daily Show‘s close cousin, The Colbert Report, poked fun at a mysterious South Floridian named Josue Larose for forming more than 600 PACs and 64 super-PACs, supposedly representing everyone from supermodels to Taco Bell customers.

As usual, Comedy Central‘s pranks hint at a deeper, darker truth. For months, the Tampa area has been flooded with political attack ads by shady, well-financed super-PACs, says Mayor Buckhorn. On a national scale, these anonymous expenditures could decide the election.

“There is so much political advertising coming through here, none of which is saying anything nice about anybody. And that’s true of both sides,” he says.

For a moment, Buckhorn sounds almost as cynical as Mandvi peeking behind the political curtain and finding nothing but frat boys drinking and screwing.

“The ads are just nonstop,” he admits. “It’s gotten to the point where we see so much of it that I almost long for the days of those Cialis ads.”

Under the black lights of the Mons Venus strip club, Monica’s eyes and teeth glow like St. Elmo’s fire. Six-inch stilettos dangle from her toes as she sits at a waist-high table. Her folded arms prop up her bare, surgically enhanced breasts, nipples staring in opposite directions like a gunslinger’s pistols. She smells like mint chewing gum and cigarettes.

It’s a Monday afternoon. On an octagonal stage, a thin Asian girl grinds her naked hips against a pole as a few customers gaze at the gyrating spectacle.

“It’s going to be as big as the Super Bowl,” Monica says of the convention, over the heavy thumps of a hip-hop song. “Why do you think they are having it here in Tampa? It’s the Mons. People have got to see what it’s all about, even Republicans.”

Redner wants no part of Romney’s America. He gazes around at his club. “I prefer to be in here with the decent humans,” he says.

“The ‘mood of the nation’ in 1972 was so overwhelmingly vengeful, greedy, bigoted, and blindly reactionary that no presidential candidate who even faintly reminded ‘typical voters’ of the fear & anxiety of the 1960s had any chance at all of beating Nixon,” Thompson wrote. “All they wanted in the White House was a man who would leave them alone and do anything necessary to bring calmness back into their lives — even if it meant turning the whole state of Nevada into a concentration camp for hippies.”

Forty years later, many Americans are again greedy and afraid — afraid of immigrants, afraid of upsetting “job creators” by not giving them tax breaks the country can’t afford, and afraid of paying 11 cents more for their pizza so the kid delivering it can have health insurance.

Who knows where President Mitt Romney plans to put the hippies. But one thing is for sure: He’ll leave Americans alone, just as the Sunshine State has left Floridians alone all these years. Ponzi schemers will proliferate. Developers will bulldoze pristine land into parking lots. Everyone will carry a gun. Unless you’re poor, of course. Then you’ll have to piss into a cup.

But if 16 years of Romney and Ryan’s right-wing republic get to you, take Thompson’s advice: “Load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard.”

Mexico, here we come.

Raped by a Republican


Q. Have you ever been Raped by a Republican?

A. um Nixon, Ford, Reagan…

Q. I mean lately…

A. ok George Bush, G.W.

Q. Yeah but was it a ” legitimate ” rape? c’mon you know you wanted it…

That term ” legitimate ” rape was uttered by GOP candidate Todd Akin this past week setting off a firestorm of controversy. It was in reference to women who were ” legitimately ” raped not needing abortions because their bodies somehow blocked unwanted pregnancies under those circumstances. Which is of course is not true and a completely idiotic thing to say.

Now Mitt Romney is backpedalling as fast as he can to distance himself from him.The GOP wants him to drop out of the Senate race but Akin won’t budge. It looks like it might even cost Mitt the election.

While they might not have their facts straight this time.

They can be rest assured that the rapes that occur daily in our Nation’s overcrowded, violent prisons

( which is largely due to the failed policies of the War on Drugs ) do not,

I repeat do not result in pregnancies.

Free Pussy Riot!


I did a Google search to find this pic. Believe me if you Google the words FREE and PUSSY, you find some very interesting stuff, much of it has nothing to do with an all girl punk rock band on trial in Russia, but still.  So as I’m sure you heard today,  a court in Moscow sentenced the three members of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot to two years in prison for criminal “hooliganism”.  Their crime?  Performing what they call a “punk prayer” in the Russian Orthodox Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow that criticized President Vladimir Putin. A performance that reportedly lasted about a minute before they were and I quote “forcibly removed “. Freaking Commie Bastards. Sure it sounds like the kind of juvenile stunt you and your friends would pull back in high school but still the sentence is way harsh. Two years in the gulag? Makes you thankful to live in the Good Ol’ U.S.A. where at least some of our rights are still protected by the Constitution. Don’t let those Commie Bastards win.

p.s. Did you notice all the press coverage focused on the one member of Pussy Riot that was kind of hot? Here she is wearing a t-shirt bearing the words ¡No Pasarán! a famous communist slogan dating back to the Spanish Civil War. ¡No Pasarán!  “They Shall Not Pass” …I don’t get it either. Well now every kid in the free world wants one. And as we all know in a free market economy, the market is driven by consumer demand. Available now in all sizes and three different colors get your  ¡No Pasarán! t-shirt while it’s hot.

LMAO (Tse Tung)


If Religion is the  “Opiate of the Masses” as Karl Marx once wrote then Politics is no doubt the CRACK and that shit is whack! If you believe the hype, if Obama is re-elected then the US will become a Soviet style Socialist State. Soon after the Constitution will be suspended and all dissidents will be rounded up and shipped to Re-Education Camps currently being constructed in empty WalMarts across the nation. I hate to tell you this but that’s what’s going to happen no matter who gets elected.

“We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism,but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.”

— Nikita Khrushchev

We the Sheeple never even saw it coming…

America on Verge of Communist Takeover, Says Former Castro Revolutionary

Read more:

In an eye-opening interview from TruNews Radio, former Fidel  Castro revolutionary Julio Lara explains the eery parallels between the days of  the Communist Revolution in Cuba of 1953-9 and the lead up to the social and  political upheaval witnessed post 9/11 in the United States.

His book, American Apocalypse, How to Stop the Destruction of  Liberty, brings together decades of his personal awareness campaign of the  methods used by Communists to incrementally subvert the principles of liberty  upon an unsuspecting nation of free people and turn them into willing workers of  the State.

“I’ve spent 49 years combating Communism,” Lara began his plea to listeners  of TruNews.  “I’m not new at this.  I’ve spent almost  all my life in this struggle, a battle, against them, because I know how cruel  they are.  I know how they work, and I always saw how I could be very  useful.”

Lara continued to tell TruNews host Rick Wiles that he  sees the American version of Communist revolutionaries about to make their move  to shutdown the remaining pretensions of a constitutional republic in the U.S.,  and warns that unless more Americans take action against the coming plot,  Communism will replace democracy in the U.S.  Lara also believes that U.S.  President Barack Obama is merely a front man for other more powerful people who  have become entrenched throughout the years within Washington’s ‘elite’ circle.

If Lara’s knowledge, experience and instincts are correct, Obama’s circle of  friends are plotting their next move now, knowing that it is most likely that a  second term and golden opportunity to turn disarray, brought on by the global financial  crisis, into a political overthrow may be lost for good.

“If he [President Obama] decides not to leave the White House, he would do  something before the election in a way the he got a chance to the . . . how do  they call it . . . the martial law,” Lara said.  “If they can put the  martial law in effect, then we don’t have elections.  That’s a  possibility.


The former Cuban military officer who served under Castro’s right-hand man  Che Guevara suggests that the days leading up to the November U.S. presidential  election could be that golden opportunity for Mr. Obama to possibly attempt  martial law to solidify decades of Communist indoctrination and propaganda  taught in U.S. public schools and universities, which were cleverly repackaged  and relabeled as post-WWII liberal democratic principles.

“I’ve been hurt in this country [U.S.] for a long time ago,” Lara began to  recount his experience with the U.S. public school system.  “In the 80s,  when my kids start to go to their school and I start to help them in their  homework, I start to see that the same doctrine they use[d] on me was in my  kids’ curriculum.”

But when Lara confronted the principal of the school, he said the  administration look upon him as a “crazy”, and  told TruNews listeners how the experience of being rebuffed “was very painful” for him for many years afterward.

But from that experience, Lara knew back then that the process of a Communist  takeover had already begun in the U.S.—first by fooling the masses into thinking  that the principles of Communism are in their best interest through the use of  government-sponsored propaganda classroom material, then by waiting for an  opportunity to walk into power during times of crisis.  Decades of  indoctrination would therefore not necessitate an army of soldiers to overthrow  a government, according to Lara.  In fact, he said, it took only 500 men to  overthrow the American-backed Fulgencio Bastita government in Cuba in 1959.

“That’s how the Communists work; they brainwash the masses, and when the  masses are ready to be take[n] over it’s a very little effort to overturn the  government and send the country down,”  Lara explained.

And the U.S. has entered that period of danger, according to him.

“If we lose the next election, we’ve lost America.  That’s how close we  are” to a Communist overthrow of the United States.

However, if there is no false-flag attack or other emergency condition that  could destabilize the American people enough to attempt a soft coup, Lara  doesn’t see Obama winning a second term.

“I have no doubt in my mind that they are going to lose the election, if they  go to the election,” he said.  “And I think they know that already, if they  have a fair election.”

If Obama somehow retains the executive branch, Lara believes the next move in  the process of a Communist overthrow of Washington will come from increasing the  number of Americans dependent upon food.  Today, 46 million American  receive food stamps from Washington, but complete control of the farms is the  next step in the Communist playbook for non-violent political control.   More Americans must be dependent upon government for their food, according to  Lara.

“They’ve been buying farms.  The agriculture industry is almost  eliminated,” he said.  “If you watch very close, they are deteriorating,  dying; they don’t have enough money, so many laws, so many stuff that will drive  the farm industry out of business.

“That’s how they control the masses.  Let me tell you, when you don’t  have gas, your only means of transportation is a bike, and you have to pay for  the food, you are in their hands.  Complete.”

Interestingly enough, a dollar crisis may be just what the Communists in  Washington have planned all along as the tool for social chaos.  Rapid  inflation by way of a currency crisis immediately  affects food and energy prices.

“The first thing that we have to be aware [of], they want to create a problem  with the fuel,” Lara explained.  “When we don’t have oil to run, we don’t  have gas to go places, we are right there.  There’s not much we can do, and  if you don’t have gas to go places, and if you don’t have food to eat, what else  you [can you] do <inaudible>?”

During a crisis (such as one created from a rapidly declining currency),  the public becomes desperate for basic necessities, such as food and  energy.  Lara speculates that that’s how the Obama Administration plans on  growing dependency upon centralized government power.  Either a collapse in  the dollar, or some other incident (attack of Iran?), would provide the needed  cover to easily turn the U.S. into a Communist nanny state of dependent  citizens.

Rick Wiles asked Lara if creating more dependency upon Washington is the plan  for a hypothetical Obama second term before a soft coup could be attempted.

“Right.  That’s how they’re planning to do it, and this probably what I  believe they’re going to do first,” he said.  “They want to try to . . .  that’s why they are tolerating so much and they are not saying anything about  what we do or nothing is because they are considering right now what the next  step is going to be, how they want to do.

“I believe they that they made mistake with the Wall Street movement and they  are right now, like a stuck, and they don’t know what to do.  Some people  are putting a lot of pressure on Obama to take over, because six months ago that  America was already ripe for takeover.”

The coming months leading up to the election are “critical,” he said.

Source: TruNews  Radio

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Show us yer Mug!


Mug shots, you know the photos they take of you when you get arrested. Nowadays any celebrity who’s anybody has a mug shot or two that surfaces on the web. It’s no big deal Some have too many to count. ( Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, various Rappers, Robert Downey back in the day, to name a few )  It’s almost expected of them. So let’s take a stroll down memory lane, as we check out these celebrity mugshots pioneers that paved the way. Where would we be without James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, the hardest working man in show business?

Who paved the way for, George Clinton…

Snoop Dogg…

and Rick James!

or Johnny Cash?

or Ol’ Blue Eyes…

and those that perfected it to a high art, like Jim Morrison…

Snooki’s publicist thanks you!

a man walks into a bar…



A man walks into a bar…ouch.


A dyslexic man walks into a bra.


A termite walks into a bar and asks, “ Is the bar tender here? “


A mushroom walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender says, “I

can’t serve you.” The mushroom says, “Why not? I’m a fun-gi.”


A five-dollar bill walks into a bar.

Bartender says, “Get outta here! We don’t serve your type. This is a singles bar.


Bacon and Eggs walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast.”


A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “ Why the long face? “


A pony walks into a bar and says “Bartender, may I have a drink?”

Bartender says “What? I can’t hear you. speak up!”

“May I please have a drink?”

“What? You have to speak up!”

“Could I please have a drink?”

“Look, if you don’t speak up I won’t serve you.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just a little hoarse.”


A kangaroo walks into a bar and orders a martini. The bartender figures that a kangaroo probably isn’t going to know

any better, and charges him $50. The next time the kangaroo orders a beer and the bartender charges him

$60. Finally, the bartender’s curiosity gets the better of him and says, “You know, we don’t get too many kangaroos in

here.” The kangaroo replies, “At these prices, no wonder.”