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Stoner Bowl XLVIII



Is it just a coincidence that this year’s Super Bowl is between the teams from the two states that have legalized pot? It is fitting in that medical marijuana has been proven to help those with brain injuries resulting from repeated head trauma.


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Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Stanford v Oklahoma State rs_500x480-140121100219-tumblr_mzqm61EGez1sr74uuo1_500

I’m just wondering where Ricky Williams is…


 Editors note: those of you who are reading this from the far distant future, marijuana was illegal in the United States ( and the whole world ) up to the beginning of the 21st Century. The Football referred to here was popular in the U.S. before it was found to be too much of a violent and dangerous, blood sport.


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slurping sizzurp with Justin Bieber



Teen Pop Star Justin Bieber popped up in the 305 this week. He and his entourage were spotted at King of Diamonds, a strip club in North Miami Beach frequented by rappers like Little Wayne and Rick Ross. The Bieb’s was there to celebrate his buddy Lil Scrappy’s birthday. Even though the cops had just raided his crib in So Cal just a week ago, nabbing his stash of pot, Xanax, and sizzurp, that didn’t seemed to damper his enthusiasm. The Bieb’s came to par-tay reportedly ordering $75,000 in ones and ” making it rain ” all night on the dancers at the club.


In his wake the accusations are flying. What was the 19 year old Pop Star doing partying in a 21 and over Strip Club? Did he get an unauthorized escort from the local police? Is it true he’s addicted to sizzurp and prescription meds? The Bieb’s couldn’t be reached for comment. He was already out of the country, posting a picture of himself on Instagram smoking a cigar in Cuba, which is perfectly legal for him to do being a Canadian citizen.


No charges have been filed stemming from his trip to Florida or the raid on his house in California . For now the Bieb’s can do no wrong. He’s the Golden Boy, the Teflon Don of Pop.

I guess I spoke too soon…this just in:

Justin Bieber arrested on suspicion of DUI, drag racing

By Alan Duke, CNN
updated 9:12 AM EST, Thu January 23, 2014

(CNN) — Pop star Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing Thursday morning, a Miami Beach, Florida, police spokesman said.

Bieber was driving a yellow Lamborghini that police saw drag racing a Ferrari in a residential area of Miami Beach, police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said

Bieber showed “signs of impairment” and failed a field sobriety test, Hernandez told CNN. He was then taken into custody and booked on a drunken driving charge, he said.


Take me to your dealer


crop circle

Last Weds. on the 1st day of the year, the lead story was marijuana being legalized in Colorado, but an equally big story was the discovery of a massive crop circle in a field in Salinas, California, a town an hour south of the San Francisco Bay area. This was widely reported in the media, on CNN, ABC and all the major networks.


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Immense and elaborate, the authorities were baffled as to the meaning and origin of it. Speculation ran rampant. Could it really be the work of Extraterrestrials? Now a week later, the furor has died down and some so called experts have claimed to have decoded what they claim is the work of Alien Intelligence. Apparently they were asking directions to Colorado.