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Occupy Star Wars


Star Wars just celebrated it’s 35th anniversary. The much loved movie might have made a mint for it’s creator, George Lucas and 20th Century Fox, the Hollywood studio that produced it, but not so much it’s principal characters. Despite all the sequels and attendant merchandizing ( i.e. the lunch boxes, the action figures, the sex toys, etc. ) the revenue never seemed to trickle down to the actual stars of Star Wars.

Darth Vader for instance ended up broke and homeless, begging for change on the streets of L.A. Years of struggling financially resulted in his disillusionment with the capitalist system. Upon seeing his former boss George Lucas and 20th Century Fox for the corporate oppressors they actual were, he later re-emerged from the underground as a  militant freedom fighter and he was joined by some unlikely allies…


Eat the Sun


“ Eat the Sun “ is a documentary about Sungazing, the ancient practice of starring directly into the sun.While modern science warns of it’s dangers, adherents claim physical as well spiritual health benefits. They claim that it enables one to harmonize and recharge the body with life energy and rid oneself of all physical and mental illnesses. Not only that but also that a person can live just on solar energy for very long periods without eating any food.

That’s just silly scientists say, you’ll burn your retina and cause permanent damage to your sight perhaps even complete blindness.

Even so, Hira Ratan Manek, a spiritual teacher from India, claims he has subsisted on nothing but the sun’s energy for the last 12 years. He has been studied by researchers from Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Pennsylvania and they have they found his claims to be true. The medical evidence they say suggests he is more healthy than a normal person 76 years of age.

“I went into this thinking much like anyone else would, that this is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve ever heard, that it’s absurd,” he said. “Most of us go through life believing there are some unshakable universal truths, like if you don’t eat you’ll die, or if you stare at the sun you’ll go blind.” says “ Eat the Sun’s “ director, Peter Sorcher,

“I was one of those people too and probably still am. But I found that in making this film there are other ways of thinking that don’t necessarily coexist with science or with what one might call rational thinking. I now think that the power of belief can lead to extraordinary things. “ Modern science still says unequivocally no.

( check out the dismissive Wikipedia entry on Sungazing: )

We nourish our bodies with food, plants and animal products that were nourished by the energy they got from the sun, so who knows maybe Sungazing is just cutting out the middle man.

Here’s some Sungazing links:

and Hira Ratan Manek’s site:

a chip off the old Lebowski



The door handle on the rear passenger side of my car broke off a few months back. That was a pain in the ass but I could live with it. Then the handle to my driver’s side broke off so now I have to unlock the passenger side and crawl across the front seat. “hey just like the Dude, “my friend said when he saw me doing it. “what? ” “you know the movie the Big Lebowski, that’s how he had to get in his car…” Great I thought, yet another parallel between that movie and my real life.


In the cult classic, the Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges plays an aging hippie down on his luck who deals  gracefully  (abides) with the cruel blows life throws his way, sort of a stoner Rodney Dangerfield. No matter what indignity is heaped upon him, “the Dude abides.” Quite frankly there are way too similarities between my life and that movie for comfort. He’s a former activist who once had his moment of fame and glory (the Seattle Seven is his case) but now long forgotten. He’s a confirmed pot head with a taste for White Russians, a man that lives by his own code. The dude abides, indeed… It turns out that I’m not the only one who relates personally to that movie. I wasn’t aware that there’s a book entitled “I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski.”


If art imitates life and life imitates art why couldn’t mine be more like one of those movies where the guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after? or at least one starring Johnny Depp?

The dude abides….duuuuuude!


my 100th post!!!


This is my 100th post. I started this blog last summer when I was bored one day. Wow, so in less than year I wrote a 100 posts that were viewed by 10’s of 1,000’s of people in over 44 different countries ( they breakdown the statistic for top views by country ) check it out:  

So all that and I still can’t get anybody in South Florida to come see me play! I’m happy with my blog but I know compared to most other blogs mine is primitive as fuck. Hey I freely admit I know next to nothing about building websites…New Times Roman is the only font I’ve used and html? what’s that? Most of this blog was done at the public library or using the free wifi at Denny’s ( usually at 4 in the morning! ). When I first started they let me post video links but now I need to pay for a video upgrade or some shit. So far this blog hasn’t cost me a cent and for that I thank you Word Press. I’m pretty broke these days. It would be nice to upgrade and acquire some blogging skills but to be honest with you I don’t know much about the whole blogging scene. At first I was planning use this to write my memoirs but soon got sidetracked and gave up on any sort of chronological order. I’ve told people this blog is all zen, but they don’t believe me. What I mean by that is I keep my mind blank, don’t plan anything, and only write when inspiration strikes. If it cracks me up then I figure it’ll crack somebody else up too. So I hope you enjoyed reading it and if I get any more ideas I’ll keep you posted. Right now, ” my head’s all empty and I don’t care “…write on, Space Hippie p.s. see below for my Top 5 favorite posts

here is my Top 5 favorite posts, my ” Greatest Hits ” so to speak…

1.  Talking Dog For Sale

a short and sweet story about when I answered an ad for a talking dog that I saw on Craig’s List…

2. Diver Down

fond recollections of having sex at a Van Halen concert with my high school sweetheart…

3. Pissing Off The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame

the true tale of a cross country road trip with a teenage runaway that culminated with me taking a piss off the top of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame…

4. More Cowbell

I got a fever, and the only precription is more cowbell!

5. Did I Ever Tell You About The Doobie Tosser?

The Annual Doobie Tosses in Gainesville were the best time ever. Perhaps this will inspire some of you to start one in your town.

enjoy and stay tuned… coming soon: WWJD!

More Cowbell


Everyone familar with the classic SNL skit starring Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell knows ” More Cowbell ” will cure all that ails you. Apparently Jon Fishman, the drummer from Phish knows it too. He recently secured himself a place in the Guinness World Book of Records for ” Largest Cowbell Jam ” ever assembled. Over 1600 people gathered together in downtown Burlington, Vermont to jam on such cowbell heavy favorites as ” Time Has Come Today ” by the Chambers Brothers and of course the Blue Oyster Cult classic, ” Don’t Fear the Reaper. ” Not only did they set a world record, they also raised money for flood relief caused by Hurricane Irene last summer. You can read about it (and watch the video) at Burlington Free Press:

Watch Fishman kill it on ” Don’t Fear the Reaper “:

Never underestimate the mighty power of the cowbell. Message to Obama, we know you’re facing tough times in this reelection year. If you’re wondering how to proceed, take our advice…


Famous Rock Star Moms


Mother’s Day is coming up next weekend, so go out and buy yer Mom something nice. Mothers, gotta love ‘em. Everybody’s got one, even Rock Stars. Here are some famous Rock Stars and their Mums.

Elvis and Gladys…

 John Lennon with his Aunt Mimi who raised him after his Mom died….


Mick Jagger and his Mum…


Keith Richards, who looks considerably older than his Mom…

Bob Dylan, who looks like he’s in trouble…

Eric Clapton…

Grace Slick…

Frank Zappa with his Mother and Father…

and just with his Mothers…

David Bowie…

Alice Cooper…

Bob Marley’s Mom…Cedella

Sid Vicious with his Mom, Mrs. Vicious…

Kurt Cobain with his Mom and Courtney Love…

and Slash w/ his Mom ( Axl Rose couldn’t be reached for comment )

Marilyn Manson and Mom…

and the hot Mom award goes to Miley Cyrus and her Mom, Leticia…


( ;