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Can we talk?


Joan Rivers Visit's

Can we talk? …to the dead? Comedy lost another great yesterday. First Robin Williams and now Joan Rivers who died yesterday during surgery. At least she died doing something she loved. Known for all the plastic surgery she had done, she had joked that she that when she died was going to donate her body to Tupperware. The strangest thing is I had just had a very vivid dream about meeting her the night before. For some reason I wrote it down and then heard later that day she had died. I don’t know what it means but I’m sure Freud would have a field day.


Basically it went like this: I’m teaching a guitar lesson to a kid in a rich neighborhood. There’s a loud rock band practicing across the street. I walk over and meet them, a bunch of scruffy young dudes in their 20’s. At first they think I’m there to complain because the neighbors across the street always call the cops. No, I explain to them I’m teaching a guitar lesson to the kid in the house next to that one. So then I’m in a bookstore like a Barnes and Nobles and I see one of the guys from the band sitting there with Joan Rivers. He introduces me and we have some witty reparte. I make her laugh and she asks me what I’m doing and I tell her about teaching guitar lessons and how I’ve always wanted to write comedy. I took screenwriting courses in college but never sold a script. She encourages me saying you’re really funny. Is there anything I could do to help you out? By this point all the people around us are listening and it’s like we’re in a sitcom complete with laugh track. We’re getting along famously. She tells me I’m adorable, we should write something together, you should marry me. ( big laughs ) I say well I don’t think I want to get married but I would love to work on something with you. ( big applause, happy ending )


joan rivers

Now I’m walking out of the bookstore onto the street with my friend and some other guy. We’re all excited and amped up, patting ourselves on the back. I notice as we’re walking down the street this other guy is rearranging himself, changing his clothes and I notice there’s traces of make up on his face. Then I realize it wasn’t really Joan Rivers but this guy dressed up like her and that’s why they were so happy because they had managed to fool everyone, including me. I had to sheepishly admit I thought it really was her. It was a real let down…( cue music )