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Florida Passes Medical Marijuana!



Nov. 2016 – Florida passes Medical Marijuana…finally! as did Arkansas & North Dakota. Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California legalized altogether. Take a look at the map below, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. (  ;


The win in FL is important because FL is the only Southern State which has a Constitution that allows for Voter Referendums. It’s been almost 20 years since I traveled to Tallahassee ( and then the whole state) as Associated Director of CAMM the Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana with federal patient, Elvy Musikka and her 300 joints a months from the Federal Government* for her glaucoma on the very first FL referendum tour. It took this long but it finally passed. Now it’s time to petition the Federal Government to reschedule and legalize nationally.


This is just the beginning and with Trump about to take office, I’m sure there is bound to be more battles ahead but progress has been made and there’s no turning back now.

* while Marijuana on a Federal level is considered Schedule 1 – meaning no medical usage, they still provide prescriptions to patients grandfathered in when they ended the Compassionate Use Act, read more here: