Monthly Archives: November 2014

No Filter



The maxim ” first thought, best thought ” is ascribed to beat writer Jack Kerouac. He believed that you shouldn’t filter your thoughts when writing. He felt that any form of revision was a form of literary lying, imposing a form farther away from the truth of the moment, a very zen way of looking at it. I’ve taken that notion to heart, not only in the way I write, like songs for example, but in the way I live. Sure it’s gotten me into all kinds of trouble but if you start editing yourself you wind up sounding like one of those back pedaling politicians that don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and end up being completely insincere. Do that and you’ll end up like all those politically correct robots I know. You may not step on anyone’s toes but you’re still a robot.


What got me thinking about this was I had some time to kill before a guitar lesson today, so I went into a thrift store. I saw this little old lady that worked there looking bored. Next to her was a sign that said ” Men’s Pants 50% Off. ” So off the top of my head I said, ” that’s why you hang out here huh? All men’s pant’s are half off. ” It took her a second but then she busted out laughing. As I looked around at the store. She kept laughing and I heard her telling everybody how funny what I said was. Of course it changed in her translation. He said, ” all men’s pant’s are off ” or something like that and they all started looking at me funny but I knew I made her day.