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you don’t know Jack! remembering Jack Herer…



Jack Herer (left) with Dennis Peron, at the Cannabis Buyers Club, in San Francisco in 1996.

Jack Herer was the man, the Godfather of the modern marijuana legalization movement. His book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” published in 1985, brought to light the history of Cannabis Hemp and the reasons why it was hastily made illegal by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.


The powers that be had buried the truth about it’s use and benefits as FOOD, FUEL, FIBER, and MEDICINE. The media reframed it as “marijuana” a Mexican slang word unfamiliar to the general public. Sensationalist stories about Blacks and Latinos, Jazz musicians smoking weed and committing violent crimes and worse of all lusting after White Women were published in newspapers across the nation.


When the legislation came before Congress, the AMA, the American Medical Association sent a representative that testified that Cannabis was one of the most important medicines they could prescribe, especially for “children and the elderly” because it was safe and non addictive. But it’s use as a medicine was not the main reason behind the push to make it illegal. Henry Ford had designed a car that ran on hemp fuel and was about to mass market it. That was a threat to the Petrochemical industries They controlled the media, which back then was mostly print media. They owned the newspapers. They were also heavily invested in other industries like pharmaceuticals, logging, and textiles that hemp was a competition to.



The true story of hemp especially in making America the great nation it had become had been whitewashed from the history books. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew Cannabis Hemp on their plantations. The Declaration of Independence was first drafted on hemp paper. Betsy Ross sewed American flags made of hemp. You could pay your taxes in hemp. The Emporer of as I like to call it the “Hemporer” exposed the cover up and pointed a finger at the ones that benefited from suppressing this beneficial natural resource way before anyone gave much thought to the 1% that secretly pulled the strings behind the curtain.


to be continued…