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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! here’s some truly scary pictures….Halloween Costumes for dogs! Enjoy! p.s. scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the You Tube video.

Hannibal Lector

The Pope

Obi Wan Kanobi & Princess Leia

….Darth Vader!

Yo quiero Taco Bell…


….and last but not least, one sexy bitch!

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No We Can’t…


Obama’s war on weed

In a strange about-face, the president tries to hack medical marijuana off at the knees.

AAAComments (100)    By Ray Stern Thursday, Oct 20 2011

The new federal crackdown on medical marijuana announced on October 7 by the four California U.S. Attorneys sent chills throughout the industry. It was a stunning reversal by the Obama administration.

Only two years ago, Deputy U.S. Attorney General David Ogden wrote his infamous “Ogden Memo,” announcing the feds wouldn’t bother businesses in compliance with their own state laws. It proved a dose of Miracle-Gro to California, where pot-selling stores multiplied since voters approved the state’s 1996 medical marijuana law. By late last year, California reportedly had more dispensaries than Starbucks outlets.

Colorado also made it legal in 2000, seeing a similar explosion of new storefronts. The same thing was happening to varying degrees in 16 states, from Arizona to Washington, New Jersey to Delaware.

But the feds’ tolerance wasn’t quite what it seemed. While legal weed grew to an estimated $10 to $100 billion industry — no one’s quite sure of the exact figure — activists noticed an alarming undercurrent to the rhetoric: Raids on growers and dispensaries actually increased under Obama.

Download the No We Can’t poster.

As hundreds of thousands of state-approved, doctor-recommended patients happily bought their medicine in well-lit stores from knowledgeable “budtenders,” the ire of cops and prohibitionists rose.

The first sign of Obama’s subterfuge came in late 2010, as California prepared to vote on a ballot proposition that would have legalized growing and possessing small amounts of marijuana for anyone over the age of 21. Under pressure from teetotalers — nine former Drug Enforcement Agency chiefs begged Obama to oppose the measure — Attorney General Eric Holder said that it didn’t matter what Californians thought. The feds would continue to bust people regardless of the election.

The measure got 46 percent of the vote, but not enough to pass. Yet the medical side of things kept going strong – too strong for Obama.

When the Oakland City Council prepared to authorize large-scale cultivation centers, Melinda Haag, the U.S. Attorney for California’s Northern District, issued the first in what would become a series of letters from her fellow attorneys general. She reminded residents — in no uncertain terms — that marijuana was still criminalized under federal law, considered equal to heroin or meth, irrespective of its medicinal value.

Nor did she care what California law said. Her “core priority” would be to prosecute “business enterprises that unlawfully market and sell marijuana” under federal law.

Over the next few months, attorneys general from Maine to Washington wrote their own increasingly menacing letters. In Washington, the feds even threatened to arrest state workers who helped facilitate the industry.

Then the Obama administration released a new letter to “clarify” Ogden‘s memo. Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole verified the about-face: The only people safe from arrest were the “seriously ill” patients and their caregivers.

Everyone else? Be forewarned.

The letter didn’t just target those directly involved in the trade. Cole was also threatening supporting industries — read: banks — with money laundering charges for dealing in the proceeds from marijuana. Obama had launched a full-on attack on the industries essential to any functioning enterprise.

Download the No We Can’t poster.

Banks responded by canceling their weed-related accounts. “Perhaps there may be a few financial institutions here or there that are still accepting accounts,” says Caroline Joy, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Bankers Association. “Those facilities don’t want to reveal who they are.”

The president’s push grew louder last month. The U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau warned medical-marijuana patients that they couldn’t legally use pot and own or buy guns.

Then came a one-two punch.

On October 5, the IRS ruled that one of the largest California dispensaries, Harborside Health Center, owed $2.5 million in taxes because federal law precluded standard deductions for businesses engaging in illegal activity.

In other words, Obama was not only blowing off state laws. He was declaring that legal businesses were now nothing more than criminal rackets. And he was carving away every tool they needed to function.

Harborside’s owner said he’d go out of business if the IRS didn’t reverse course. Dispensaries nationwide saw it as a crippling decision.

Then came another blow two days later: The bombshell dropped by California’s four U.S. Attorneys.

They were now going after people who leased stores and land to the pot industry. Violators were given 45 days to close doors, uproot plants, and kick out renters. The penalty for not acting: Seizure of property and arrest.

Laura Duffy, the U.S attorney from California’s Southern District, went so far as to threaten media with prosecution for taking pot advertising. (Disclosure:  This newspaper accepts such ads.)

There was no doubt about it: Obama was intent on killing an entire industry – in the middle of a depression, no less. Left unexplained was why, especially since he was giving the finger to voters in 16 states just a year before he would face them in his own election.

Democratic strategists were perplexed. Roger Salazar, a California party consultant, believes the president may be trying to reach out to a broader base. But that doesn’t explain the attack on his own base; Democrats support medical marijuana at high percentages. It doesn’t even make sense in luring conservatives. With the country in economic tatters, no one has weed high on their radar.

read the rest of the article in Miami New Times:

Comedy Traffic School



I got a ticket for careless driving. I was going to take it to court. How do they know how much I care? I care, man. I care…o.k. so I was driving on the sidewalk. To avoid points you can elect the option of going to traffic school. I looked it up online and found one close by that was not just a traffic school, it was comedy traffic school.This should be good I thought. So I signed up.The class started at 9am on a Saturday. I got up early and gave myself plenty of time to get there. It was tucked away in a strip mall off of 441 between Long You Long Time oriental massage and one of those pill mills. Business was brisk at both, one of them had a drive thru window. So when I pulled up in the parking lot, I was the first one there. I had still had 20 minutes before class started and I wasn’t going to go in, but I did in hopes of finding a wifi connection. ( I didn’t ) It was a decision I was soon to regret.

Chinese Restaurant

I was there too early. The classroom was empty, it was just me and the instructor. A 350 lb. woman who began talking my ear off telling me her life story. How her parents were pot smoking hippies who never grew up. How pot destroys lives, denouncing what she called “ the glorification of the doobie “  How she didn’t need drugs she was high on life. She’s a Republican and she didn’t wear a bra “( she didn’t ) She went and on and on. Then she started asking me was I stoned. “ C’mon you didn’t do a little wake and bake before class? “ ( I did. ) She then proceeded to give me a brief overview of the hippie culture. “ They were rich kids from New York who hitchhiked to San Francisco and got hepatitis. They all became drop outs and deadheads.


Then she tells me how Jerry Garcia’s widow, Deborah Koons wasn’t a hippie, she was business woman. She has her shit together ( I countered with yeah and she’s a bitch who didn’t let Mountain Girl go to the funeral.) She hated all things her hippie parents stood for ( who it turns out are both doctors, so so much for pot destroying their lives!? ) She then segue wayed into how she was raised a Iranian Jew and how her father beat her ‘til she was 17 and how in Persian culture a man who doesn’t beat his wife and children isn’t a man. It was surreal. I’m a magnet for this sort of thing.


Those 20 minutes passed by slowly and thankfully some people started showing up for the 4 hour class which was dull as watching paint peel. In an attempt to inject a little humor in the proceedings ( after all it was comedy traffic school ) when they went around the class and asked everybody what brought them there. I got real serious and said with a straight face, “ there was these nuns in the crosswalk…in a school zone…” Everyone got really quiet for a second or two before they bust out laughing. I can’t say we didn’t have fun. I did learn some fun facts if a minor is not wearing a seat belt in your vehicle you get the ticket, if they’re over 18, they get it! By the end of the  class I had made friends with the instructor who wanted to come see Space Hippie sometime. Monday morning when I went to pay my ticket, I couldn’t find it! I tore my apt. which was a mess after a weekend of gigs and partying. How the hell did I lose my ticket! I was about to lose it when I thought if I called the traffic school they could tell me the citation number and I could pay it that way. I called the instructor and she said “ I glad you called I have your ticket. I forgot to give it back to you. “ Argghh! She was using my ticket in class as an example.


“ I’ll come in and pick it up. “ Sorry were not open today. “ “ I need it, I’m going to go pay it. “ So finally she gave directions to her house and I went and got my damn ticket. When I got to the Clerk of the Courts, it was packed  I took a number and took a seat. I sat there for awhile and then a woman came to then window and told everbody that the computers were down and they didn’t know when they would be back up. I finally paid it online but now I just got another ticket and I’ll have to go back for the 8 hour class! Traffic fucking comedy school…the jokes on me.