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New Year, New You!



Come with me to a little town by the sea, Dania Beach, Florida a quiet drinking village with fishing problem, thank God I’ve been relieved of that obsession by a power greater than myself… and I never was that much into fishing. So I’ve been here in FL a long time and seen many changes, seeing medical marijuana shops next to Subway makes me feel all my activism efforts were not for naught! I don’t need to get any credit I just want it to be functional WHICH IT IS NOT! They gutted the referendum and now many patients don’t qualify, of course I don’t actually qualify, fuck it you can’t buy any bud there anyway…but hey it’s a start!? I did my part maan. p.s. the rest are pics of what transpired in the last half of 2017.

I got back in town from L.A. just in time to get hit by Hurricane Irma, that ‘s my garden. So I’ve been busy learning to play sitar, and Maritime Officer’s Training, learning from my sprout Guru, that’s us at Hippocrates Institute, between that and Charting End Times, I still play on the beach and in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Halloween at Choices Cafe, Veg Fest, Seed Fest, New Life Expo in Palm Beach! So it’s 4 years since I was in a really bad car accident they rebuilt my fricking skull.

That’s my dental x-rays which made his assistant gasp. May not look pretty but thank’s to johrei at Izunome ( a Japanese healing art I practice at this obscure church I found in downtown Hollywood ) I really do feel much better. I AM TITANIUM MAAAN! PERDURABO!