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Having survived another year on the lowest rung of the “entertainment” ladder, that shark infested cesspool known as the “local scene,” where you either play “cover tunes” in bar and restaurants for little or no money or you play your “originals” for no money period, I must say these bar owners are the real Gangstas.

to be continued…


Florida Passes Medical Marijuana!



Nov. 2016 – Florida passes Medical Marijuana…finally! as did Arkansas & North Dakota. Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California legalized altogether. Take a look at the map below, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. (  ;


The win in FL is important because FL is the only Southern State which has a Constitution that allows for Voter Referendums. It’s been almost 20 years since I travelled to Tallahassee ( and the whole state) as Associated Director of the Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana ( C.A.M.M. ) with glaucoma patient, Elvy Musikka and her 300 joints a months from the Federal Government* on the very first FL referendum tour. It took this long but it finally passed. Now it’s time to petition the Federal Government to reschedule and legalize nationally.


This is just the beginning and with Trump about to take office, I’m sure there is bound to be more battles ahead but progress has been made and there’s no turning back now.

* while Marijuana on a Federal level is considered Schedule 1 – meaning no medical usage, they still provide prescriptions to patients grandfathered in when they ended the Compassionate Use Act, read more here:

The Donald Converts…




In a surprise move Donald Trump converted to Judaism ( or pretended to in this bizarre photo op taken at a Nation of Yahew Church in Detroit ) just in time for Rosh Hashana  & the Election in Nov. which is not that much of a surprise move considering every Presidential Candidate has taken similar routes. Both Republicans:







and Democrats, from Clinton…



to Carter.



Considering they all won the election it’s probably a good idea. But I can’t understand why Bernie Sanders who actually is Jewish didn’t benefit. Put it this way, I would have much rather seen more of these:



than this, but that’s what it’s come to…



Editors Note: a Google search turned up no Obama pics with a yarmulke on but I did find one in a burka.






Swatted like a fly. I got a knock on my door 10pm on a Weds. 10 years ago August 28th 2006. It was the Swat Team in full force, the ATF, the BSO, in full storm trooper gear. They sit me down in the middle of my apt. and put a gun to my head. I remember saying ” what are you looking for? ” as they ransacked the place. I was on probation hence they didn’t need a warrant or even probable cause. Like I said I was on probation so I didn’t even have any weed or anything illegal. They found my athame, a knife in a sheath in a tool box and not only said it was ” possession of a weapon ” but tried to get me to admit that I was going for it! Yeah right like the fucking SWAT Team comes to me house so I grab a knife, part of my Ren Fair costume it wasn’t even sharp. I had forgotten it was even in there. They charged me with a “technical VOP ” Violation of Probation and as you know in FL it’s come on Vacation, leave on Probation return on Violation.


So I was taken downtown ONCE AGAIN to the Iron Bar Motel, Fort Lauderdale’s Main Jail. That place really sucks. It’s the classic two tiered cellblock with metal tables in a main area with a t.v.. They keep you locked up in your cell most of the time.You’re stuck in a cage and it smells like a zoo. The way the idiots in their act you’d think it was a zoo. You can only watch so many episodes of COPS. My lawyer came to see me, now he was like “well you did have the knife” wtf? Who’s side was he on? I was obviously being railroaded and this is all he has to say? Oh right he’s already BEEN PAID.

They days wore on. Keep in mind I was a yoga teacher and Adjunct Faculty at a Medical School, Nova Southeastern School of Osteopathic Medicine, that had just started their fall semester. I could see the Downtowner from my cell window, just a week before I was playing there. I read anything I could get my hands on which wasn’t much. I signed up for anything that would get me out of my cell block for an hour or two. One day I heard about a ” Jesus cell ” in the Conte where there were better conditions but you had to do Bible study everyday and go to church. Even better they had a Preacher that came every week with a guitar and they sang in mass.

Well before you knew it I was born again. Yeah it was a bunch of Bible thumpers but there were better conditions at the Conte. I got to play Scrabble at night and before long I was playing for the Preacher every week. Were still friends to this day. When I got out I gave him guitar lessons. He had ass bad ass choir of 6 singing jailbirds and I loved playing with them. The very last day they had a going away party for me in the rec yard. The Preacher had brought a guitar and had arranged for me to play. I can remember playing to like 60 convicts yelling & standing on tables as I sang all the parodies of the Christian songs we’d been singing. I don’t remember them now but ” Jesus B. Goode ” sung to the tune of Johnny B. Goode was one of them. It was like something out of a movie.

So they finally reinstated my probation. Can you believe they jammed me up for a month on this nonsense? I almost lost my job at Nova but didn’t. The fucking cops were on a Goddamn training exercise to go house to house searching for weapons. That’s why the ATF guy was there. He was training them. Who better to train on then people on probation that you don’t need a search warrant to bust down their door ( and stick a gun to their head.) They found a measly little knife with a five inch blade that wasn’t even sharp. ATF? WTF?  What am I on your list? Did my Wacko in Waco song touch a nerve or was it the Medical Marijuana thing? Is someone making anonymous phone call again? Can you all please stop stop fucking with me…are you that afraid of my Athame?





Wooly Bullies



Everybody in South Florida is so fake. You expect that of politicians and materialistic bitches with fake tits from Boca but even the Deadhead Hippies? Come on maaan…If I have to go online and expose them I will. Enough is enough I have have been bullied for the last 20 fucking years AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Take a look at this picture. The guy on the left is Sean Becker. I was receiving anonymous threatening phone calls. This went on for months. After I started receiving them at work, I finally called the police and they traced the phone calls to him.


Sean BeckerEDITedit

Keep in mind I didn’t know Sean and he had never actually met me before. When they brought him in to the police station he told the them I was a “drug dealer” and that I was “giving his girlfriend drugs.” WTF? I am not a drug dealer and I did not give his girlfriend drugs. I was about to go on a date his EX-girlfriend who I had met online. I was still on probation after the police beat me up, seriously not fucking cool.


Don’t know if there was a connection but the SWAT Team did come to my house soon after and even though I had absolutely nothing illegal, no weed nothing. They still put me in jail for VOP Violation of Probation for a knife they found in tool box they said was a weapon. It was a knife in a sheath with a five inch blade that wasn’t even sharp. It my athame, part of my Ren Fair costume when I used to perform at them.


Dead cry

 This isn’t an isolated incident. That was 10 years ago and I’m still being bullied and threatened by what I call the Deadhead Mafia. They’ve bad mouthed me. They’ve come to my gigs and tried to start fights. Their cronies have shut me out of playing even the Medical Marijuana Benefits I started. Put it this way, ” if I told you all that went down, it would burn off both your ears. ” I don’t know what makes these people act this way. I don’t even play Dead tunes anymore. I play at tiki bars up on the beach for tourists. They almost made me stop listening to the Dead altogether but if you know me, you know I’ve been a Deadhead for 30 years or more and that’s not going to happen. Ok so you’re in a Dead cover tune band or your friends with the guys in the cool local Dead cover tune band and  I’m on your turf. I get it. When the fuck are you going to grow up?

Jerry tooUSe