What did the Tequesta eat?


Smoke in the Wind


yay! today there’s a vegan potluck in one of my favorite places on earth, Topeekeegee Yugnee T.Y. Park, land sacred to the Tequesta Indians who lived in the South East corner Florida in what is now Broward, Miami Dade and Florida Keys areas.




Not big on their veggies. The Tequestas were hunter/ gatherers and did not farm crops like other tribes. They ate roots and wild fruit, palmetto berries, coco plums, sea grapes, and palm nuts. They made flat bread from ground coontie. They made a coffee like drink from the from roasted and ground leaves and roots of the Ilex Vomitoria plant.




They hunted bear, deer, wild boars, and other small dog like mammals. ( see photo ) They fished and ate frogs, turtles, iguanas, snakes, alligators, lobsters, sharks, you name it. Only the Big Chief got to eat the roasted manatee.




While there’s the Hollywood Seminole Hard Rock up the street, a Miccosukee Bingo Buffet around the corner. Their ancestors were chased into Everglades by Andrew Jackson from parts north. The Tequesta Indians were the tribe that was native to this land from the beginning of time. Sadly they were decimated by the Spanish by violence and by disease. Some escaped to what is now Weston and survived another 100 years or so. I find these parks and they tell the tale.





more here: http://www.pbchistoryonline.org/middle-school-lessons/004-Tequesta/004-Tequesta1.htm


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