The 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love brought to you by the C.I.A.



It’s the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, when young people in the 60’s in San Francisco, and in New York and London and all over the globe were calling for peace & justice. They had been protesting the war in Vietnam and for Civil Rights. Under the influence of “counter cultural figures” like Timothy Leary and popular rock musicians, they began to experiment with mind altering drugs like marijuana and LSD.


Marijuana had long been around on the underground beatnik poet and jazz musician scenes but L.S.D with something new. A chemical synthesized in sophisticated labs that had up til then, been kept in the hands of trusted chemical companies and government “scientists.” Where was all this L.S.D. that was flooding the black market from San Fran to London coming from?


The C.I.A. had been using L.S.D. in it’s secret MK Ultra program as a psychological weapon targeting dissidents even foreign politicians. They allowed for testing to be done at places like Stanford where two of the early test subjects were Ken Kesey who went on to start the Acid Tests with his Merry Pranksters and Robert Hunter who became the lyricist for the Grateful Dead. On the east coast people like Leary were running tests at Harvard. Timothy Leary later admitted he had worked for the C.I.A. the whole time. First “experimenting” with L.S.D. and other drugs at Harvard for them. Later becoming their L.S.D. spokesman promoted by the complicit media.

He played the radical and later was on the run for awhile but he eventually ratted on the Weatherman and the Brothers of Eternal Love and was let back in good graces with a slap on the wrist. Leary’s message of “Tune in, Turn on, Drop out” was right in line with the government’s goals of not only drugging the youth into an apolitical passivity rendering their dissent neutral but actively damaging them permanently.


       Image result for Timothy Leary artLeary2


A former C.I.A. agent referred to the Haight Ashbury district as a “human guinea pig farm.” Top MK Ultra scientist, Jolly West had an apartment there for “monitoring purposes.” To them L.S.D. was a weapon, but it backfired on them when the “hippie” subculture they helped to create woke up from their brain washing and same old divide and conquer tactics and realized peace & love would overcome.

p.s. thanks guys what else you got in them labs of yours? ✌



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