Born Again Pagan Vegan



Yesterday was Chinese New Years, it’s the Year of the Rooster, I knew I was feeling cocky for some reason. So after years of being a lacto-vegetarian, I went full fledged Born Again Pagan Vegan. It’s been a month. I had already given up meat and milk that was easy. There are substitutes like veggie burgers and almond milk, but I was still craving cheese. That’s stuff is addictive and I was all strung out. Well there are vegan cheese substitutes too and now they are easily accessible, check at your local grocer. I feel better already. I’ve lost weight. I have more energy.





You could go gay or shave your head and join a strange religious cult and no one would bat an eye but if you stop eating animals products people go out of their minds. ” Are you getting enough protein? ” they say, duh.


Your entire childhood, your parents were so concerned that you eat your vegetables and now that you do they’re like ” you’re looking anemic, why don’t you eat a nice steak!  are you sure you’re getting enough protein? “


Yes I am I assure you. Then I patiently explain to them why we all must elect to reduce and eventually eliminate animal products from our diets not only for our own health but for the health of the planet. Even if animal protein served us in our collective past, in today’s world factory farming is unsustainable and if they want grandchildren hopefully they’ll get it…before it’s too late.



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