Space Hippie 101




 Space Hippie, me the guy that writes this blog, was incarnated in physical form in the latter half of the 20th Century on a little planet called Earth, third stone from the Sun, go to Mars and take a left it’ll be on your right after the 7 -11.


” Space Hippie was a nickname I got in college and I could never live it down so I made a career out of it. I went to college in Florida. I originally went there to study film. I figured if Jim Morrison went to film school maybe I should give it a try.” Ostensibly there to study music and film, he learned so much more.



One day while naively practicing sex magick on acid, he inadvertently released his kundalini. The sleeping serpent that resides in the root chakra. ” These are Sanskrit terms I later learned to describe my experiences, not something I was consciously trying to do or something I would recommend anyone try to do. There are reasons all the sacred texts warn against it and it is extremely dangerous. It’s too late for me but stay in school, get a good education so you can get good job and work and slave your life away to feed your family and keep a roof over your head. The sky is my roof now, the stars my only friends. “




Currently between incarcerations, he can be found playing at tiki bars on the beach or teaching yoga in the park.




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