Wooly Bullies



Everybody in South Florida is so fake. You expect that of politicians and materialistic bitches with fake tits from Boca but even the Deadhead Hippies? Come on maaan…If I have to go online and expose them I will. Enough is enough I have have been bullied for the last 20 fucking years AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Take a look at this picture. The guy on the left is Sean Becker. I was receiving anonymous threatening phone calls. This went on for months. After I started receiving them at work, I finally called the police and they traced the phone calls to him.


Sean BeckerEDITedit

Keep in mind I didn’t know Sean and he had never actually met me before. When they brought him in to the police station he told the them I was a “drug dealer” and that I was “giving his girlfriend drugs.” WTF? I am not a drug dealer and I did not give his girlfriend drugs. I was about to go on a date his EX-girlfriend who I had met online. I was still on probation after the police beat me up, seriously not fucking cool.


Don’t know if there was a connection but the SWAT Team did come to my house soon after and even though I had absolutely nothing illegal, no weed nothing. They still put me in jail for VOP Violation of Probation for a knife they found in tool box they said was a weapon. It was a knife in a sheath with a five inch blade that wasn’t even sharp. It my athame, part of my Ren Fair costume when I used to perform at them.


Dead cry

 This isn’t an isolated incident. That was 10 years ago and I’m still being bullied and threatened by what I call the Deadhead Mafia. They’ve bad mouthed me. They’ve come to my gigs and tried to start fights. Their cronies have shut me out of playing even the Medical Marijuana Benefits I started. Put it this way, ” if I told you all that went down, it would burn off both your ears. ” I don’t know what makes these people act this way. I don’t even play Dead tunes anymore. I play at tiki bars up on the beach for tourists. They almost made me stop listening to the Dead altogether but if you know me, you know I’ve been a Deadhead for 30 years or more and that’s not going to happen. Ok so you’re in a Dead cover tune band or your friends with the guys in the cool local Dead cover tune band and  I’m on your turf. I get it. When the fuck are you going to grow up?

Jerry tooUSe



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