Legalize Weed on Planet Earth in 2016!



Will 2016 be the year, that the Human Race comes to it’s collective senses and legalizes weed on Planet Earth? Not only so we can breathe a sigh of relief and smoke a big fatty without fear of the Po Po busting down our door, but also so we can utilize this miraculous plant to it’s fullest potential as FOOD, FUEL, FIBER, & MEDICINE, which our Creator obviously intended?


When monkey’s fly out of my butt, you say? Well it is the Year of the Monkey…



In 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the world to completely legalize marijuana. Others like Bangladesh, Colombia, Spain, have since followed suit. The President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica has said his motivation for legalization was to take the power from the criminal element and that the new law is merely “regulation of a market that already exists.” Once the black market is dismantled, criminals and politicians will have to get real jobs. Now countries like Mexico and Canada want to go the same route of full legalization but now the U.N. is saying that’s crazy talk, you goddamn peasants will be able to grow your own food, fuel, fiber, and medicine. I think what governments fear most is we might stop fighting wars when we tell us to and peace may suddenly break out everywhere…oh no, we can’t let that happen!

here’s the proposed new flag designs for the North American Alliance:

HempMexHempUS Hope-for-Canada_s-Marijuana-Legalization




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