bicycle ghost



I had the strangest dream last night. I was moving into a new apartment. The previous tenant had died and I was still waiting for them to remove the body, so I went on a bike ride through these desolate waterfronts. I decided to turn down a side street and off the beaten path so to speak, when I saw another cyclist ahead of me. As I got closer I saw it was my friend who had just died a few months previously. He was wearing this gray woolen coat like something out of the gulag and a weary expression. I said ” I thought you…” ” were dead? ” he interjected, ” I am.” He told me about his life on the other side. I know it had been particularly hard because he had two sons that were now becoming young men and he couldn’t be there for them. As he trudged off he sighed and looked me right in the eyes and said, ” it never ends…ain’t nobody got time for all that! “



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