Vote Yes on #2!



After all these years, medical marijuana is finally on the ballot here in Florida. Amendment 2 needs 60% of the votes to pass.  If it does, Florida will join the other 23 states ( and Washington, D.C. ) that have legalized medical marijuana. Those states are mostly in the west and north east. Florida is important because it is one of the only states in the South that’s Constitution allows for voter referendums.


Way back in the late 90’s, when I was Associate Director of CAMM, Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana, I did a statewide campaign with federal patient Elvy Musikka and Kevin Aplin from CAN, Cannabis Action Network. That’s was with the help of a grant from MPP, Marijuana Policy Project.


That grassroots campaign helped pave the way for PUFFM, People United for Medical Marijuana and United for Care. SSDP, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy played a big role too mobilizing students across the state to gather signatures. Many lifetimes and acronyms later here we are poised to stand up to the federal government and defend the rights of medical marijuana patients in the state.


p.s. Happy Halloween!


editor’s note: even though more people voted yes than no, amendment #2 still didn’t pass…

because it needed 60% of the votes but only got 57.6%!?

Welcome to Flori-duh!




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