Shut the FUCK UP Hippie!



Finally, a reader comments: ” I’ve been reading your blog ( even though it’s mostly pictures you obviously cut and paste from the internet ) and all I can say is “Shut the FUCK UP Hippie!” You and your tree hugging whining liberals don’t get it. Global Warning, oh excuse me, I mean Climate Change is a bunch of horse shit. There’s no hole in the ozone layer. There must be a hole in your head from all the drugs you been taking if you think that. I watch Fox News so I know the facts! “


” Democrats have tried to destroy this great nation time and time again.  Everyone knows Obama is an illegal alien and a devout Muslim who is going to enact Sharia Law before he leaves office and I wouldn’t be surprised if he personally signed on to introduce EBOLA to this country. “




” Anything that’s wrong with the world can be traced back to one thing, Obama. And quit your whining about people eating the poor little animals. If GOD didn’t intend for us to eat meat he wouldn’t have created the cheese burger now would he? It’s people like you that go on and on about how we have to think about  preserving our natural resources for our children’s children’s children that can’t even remember all the words to that song by Crosby, Stills and Nash or maybe it was by the Moody Blues, but I digress. The world is just fine the way it is. We don’t need trees when we have money, lot’s and lot’s of money. You can always buy another tree. As far as you being a “Survivor” please you are nothing but a parasite who has squandered all the privileges you have been given and need to get a real job and a haircut. “



editor’s note: 2017 #ssdd





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