Well it’s been many an episode since ” the Tribe ” voted me off the island but I’m back and still standing, at least with the help of a cane ( Go Canes! ) and a patch on my eye. 9 months of double vision courtesy a driver that sped through the light and flipped over my car to get one car length ahead. I’m playing at a little tiki bar up on the beach this weekend with me new crew. My last one was a band of cut throats who mutinied and shanghaied my ship.


Damn if all my favorite watering holes didn’t go belly up when I was out of commission. Now they’re building a massive Margaritaville resort just down the beach. I guess I better start learning some Jimmy Buffet songs, ” Pirate Looks at 49 ” and all of that. So whoever you are out there in cyberspace, thanks for reading. If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. Space Hippie loves you maan.




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