did you say Nickleback? you’re under arrest!



Canadian rock band, Nickleback have long become the butt of everyone’s jokes. One quick search of the internet and

you’ll find dozens of memes like “Friends don’t let friends listen to Nickleback.” “What’s 45 cents? a Fifty Cent concert

featuring Nickleback”


There’s many theories why that is: Creed broke up, they’re Canadian, etc. but now their infamy

has reached new levels. Two 20 something’s were detained by the police in Idaho after they were overhead at a gas station discussing the band.

The cops thought they said “nicklebag” as in a $5 amount of marijuana which is now perfectly legal just across the state line in Washington but apparently

still a heinous crime in Idaho but the two swear they said “Nickleback” in reference to the music blasting out of a passing car. Certainly a far worse crime in

some hipper regions of the country but still technically not illegal. They cops let them go. Luckily they had videotaped the incident and now the bumbling

cops look like fools and the bullies that they are. Good thing the two weren’t discussing Matchbox 20.

p.s. you can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1WG2IaM-RY







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