My Bloody Valentine



Did you read my last post about star crossed lovers, Sid & Nancy? Of course I’m referring to the doomed punk rock icons, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. Sid had been arrested and charged with her murder but we’ll never know if the multiple stab wounds that killed her were by his hand, because he o.d.’ed on heroin and died while still awaiting trial. Now I know what you’re thinking, what could be more Valentine’s Day than that?


Of course then’s there Kurt and Courtney, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame and his wife Courtney Love, probably the most famous doomed couple of all time. ( I’m sorry the Sex Pistols were punk rock legends and all but Nirvana sold more records. ) The couple admired Sid & Nancy so much they often checked into hotels as Mr. & Mrs. Simon Ritchie ( Sid’s real name. ) They had all the requisite drug problems and emotional turmoil but even so, they were still married when Kurt killed himself with a shotgun blast to the face. To this day many hold Courtney to blame for the death of her husband, ( including her own father apparently. ) Sure maybe she drove him to it, but no one is suggesting she was the one that pulled the trigger.


A lesser known but equally horrifying tale of love gone horribly wrong is of Indie songwriter and manic depression poster boy, Elliot Smith and his girlfriend, lover, and muse Jennifer Chiba. It is commonly accepted that Elliot took his own life by stabbing himself twice in the chest with a kitchen knife, one of those wounds directly perforating his heart. At least that’s the story Chiba told to police as she was the only witness. She said she found Elliot standing at the kitchen sink with her back to her. When he turned around, she saw the knife sticking out of his chest. A struggle ensued and she pulled the knife out of his chest, then he collapsed. The Medical Examiner’s office never did rule it a suicide. They found what they called ” defensive wounds ” on his hands and arms. So yes maybe Elliot was depressed even suicidal. He had been struggling for years with both heroin and psych meds. And it was common knowledge he contemplated suicide. He penned a half dozen songs about it, but did he actually kill himself or did his lover kill him by stabbing him directly in the heart? If so charges were never filed and the case remains unsolved.




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