Simon Ritchie died for your sins



On this day 35 years ago, February 2nd, 1979, Simon Ritchie died of a heroin overdose in New York City. At the time he was out on bail and awaiting trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, who was stabbed to death several months earlier in the room they rented at the infamous Chelsea Hotel on New York’s Lower East Side. At the time of her murder, Simon better known as Sid Vicious, the former bassist of punk rock legends, the Sex Pistols was reportedly completely unconscious having ingested 30 Tuinals, a powerful barbiturate, according to eye witnesses at the scene. How someone who was that fucked up and couldn’t even lift up their head could have could have committed such a brutal crime is a mystery. Plus all who knew him said Sid would never even think of harming Nancy, the love of his life. But the NYPD charged him with her murder and never really investigated the crime further. When he died of an overdose it was a convenient ending to the unsolved murder case. No big deal just another dead junkie.


Simon Ritchie R.I.P.


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