The Theory of the Evolution of Homo Sapiens



The Theory of the Evolution of Homo Sapiens is just that, a theory and an unproven one at that. All it takes is watching a few minutes of the evening news. (Homo Sapiens is the scientific term to describe the genus or species of modern human beings and in no way refers to gay people, who it is now known crossed a land bridge from Gaylandia during the last Ice Age.) The commonly accepted theory (or else!) is that Homo Sapiens evolved 30,000 to 50,000 years ago in Eurasia. (Which reminds me of a joke one of my young students once told me: When are you not Eurasian? When European!)




Evolution is the theory put forth by Charles Darwin in his 1859 book, “On the Origin of Species” and henceforth known as “Darwinism”. Despite a serious lack of scientific evidence and many findings to the contrary, it is taught as fact to school children all over the world. But not everyone accepts this view. Christians believe that God created the Earth and all the living things on it, including Mankind in 8 days 5,000 years ago in a creative spurt before his son was born. This is called “Creationism” (now encoded in more palatable terms as “Intelligent Design”…)



“Creationists” and “Evolutionists” have been at loggerheads since the Scopes Monkey Trial in the 1940’s. Back then people were outraged that the Theory of Evolution was to be taught in public schools. (Darwin never actually said that Man evolved from apes, but then again he died decades before the advent of rap music.) Today many believe that both theories are deeply flawed. Evolution in that there are no documented fossil exhibits of transitions between major groups of species particularly Homo Sapiens i.e. the Missing Link and in Creationism, well you know. Perhaps there’s a grain of truth to both theories but either way their timelines are way, way off. In recent years there’s been scientific suppression of evidence of archeological discoveries like sophisticated stone tools dating back 100,000 sometimes 250,000 years. Data that doesn’t support or conflicts the current scientific worldview is tossed out. These practices have led some to embrace a different theory, that of conspiracy. “They’ve convinced us that the world…can be explained mechanically by the laws of physics…which are currently accepted by the Establishment…I think many people are starting to see that the world view they are presenting,  just doesn’t account for everything in human experience.” J. Douglas Kenyon publisher of Atlantis Rising in “Our Occulted History” by Jim Marrs p50.




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