Happy 420!



Happy 420! why do I have a picture of Adolph Hitler smoking a joint, you ask?



NAZI’s & WHITE supremacists have long celebrated 420! I’m sure makes no sense to you but there were people out there celebrating Hitler’s Birthday before the origin of 4-20 as a pot smokers holiday (which origins really can’t be substantiated,  it doesn’t mean “pot smoking in progress ” in any police dept. in any state.) So where did it come from? IS IT A PLANTED CODE? I wonder about that kind  of shit, when they try to program us with 9-11 and shit like that. Then there’s this: Waco  April 19th, Oklahoma Bombing April 19th, Columbine April 19th, etc. They say we won World WAR II but I don’t think we really did. Look up Operation Paperclip.



…so Happy Birthday Hitler and Happy 420!





um ok so Hitler’s birthday is…4/20!? to me it will always be EARTH DAY!




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