No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish,




Signs saying ‘No Blacks – No Dogs – No Irish‘ was a common sight in the windows of boarding houses after WWII in London. Variations on this theme are bantered about. Revisionists now say it’s all a myth but prejudice against the Irish ( and the fact that they were an occupied country by Great Britain up until recently ) is a well documented historical fact. The Civil Rights Movement for Blacks in America was just starting in the 1950’s and look at the pecking order, Irish is bottom of the list. That’s why in the 1960’s England’s greatest musical export, the Beatles who were from first generation Irish immigrant families to a man, never revealed their true nationality. Liverpool had long been the gateway port to the Ireland being only 6 – 7 hours away by boat, but down in London the Irish weren’t welcome and their manager Brian Epstein, who knew something about prejudice being both Gay and Jewish, cannily advised them to not let on.


‘No IrishNo Blacks – No Dogs’ is also the title of a book by another well known British musical export who was Irish, Johnny Rotten lead singer of the seminal punk rock band the Sex Pistols….who was once a long hair hippie! see pic below



So now it’s the 21st century and conditions have improved greatly for Blacks, Dogs, and even the Irish. It’s those goddamn Welsh we can’t stand!


john lydon - booth pic mid 70s









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