Mucho Chavismo


           chavismo enfermo

Say what you will about Hugo Chavez, but you can’t deny he had Mucho Chavismo. Political cohones. Wikipedia defines : Chavismo as the name given to the left-wing political ideology based on the ideas, programs and government style associated with the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. Chavista is a term to describe strong supporters of Chavez, which is closely associated with support for Chavismo. I don’t know that much about specificsof his politics but Noam Chomsky had kind words for him. I know he banned Halloween and Coke Zero and called George Bush the devil.  Gotta love that. So what now that he’s gone? Is there is enough Chavistas with Chavismo out there to keep the Capitalists at bay? Who’s going to look after Uncle Fidel? Is Marxist Socialism finally vanquished from the America’s for good?

hugo chavez funny hathatMS2903_468x611-e1327593926277Hugo Chavez Sings




chavezhugo_chavez_parrot1Barack Chavez_Socialist-in-the-making



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