Federal Patient




“Federal patient, as in federal medical marijuana patient. I’m prescribed this by the federal government.” Elvy was patiently explaining to the disbelieving cops in Dixie County, which is just south of the Florida Panhandle on the Gulf coast. They had confiscated her big tin of the 300 joints she’s prescribed every month by the federal government. Apparently they never had heard of such a thing and those idiots arrested her anyway but after a quick call to D.C. she was released. That was in 1997 when we were on the FL Medical Marijuana Referendum Tour. Lots of things have changed since then. As of 2013, 18 US states have passed laws allowing medical marijuana, 14 of these states have decriminalized marijuana, and 2, Colorado and Washington have made marijuana legal altogether.




Of course those are state laws and marijuana is still illegal under federal law in all 50 states. It’s classified a Schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law which means no medical usuage even though they still prescribe it to a handful of patients. These are people that were grandfathered in when the Bush administration ended the Compassion Use Act in the 80’s. There’s only 5 of them left, all the rest of them are dead. 2 of them, Elvy Musikka and Irvin Rosenfeld  will be at the 15th annual Medical Marijuana Benefit this Saturday at Tobacco Road. Come out and support the cause and help Florida join those other 18 states with medical marijuana legislation by signing PUFMM’s People United for Medical Marijuana’s amendment petition. ( Or you can find it at www.PUFMM.org )




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