the Miami Circle




The Miami Circle is a 2,000 year old sacred site built on the mouth of the Miami River by the Tequesta Indians. It was discovered in 1998 when a developer went to build condos there. It was about to be destroyed but because of public protest it was preserved and is now  designated a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior.



hippie chick

The funny thing is we had been gathering close to there for years. We called our ourselves the Miami Circle and had been gathering just a mile or so from there in Alice Wainright Park for years before it was discovered. We were Miami Rainbow Family. We held hands and formed a circle honoring our ancestors and the sacred traditions. Many believe that the reappearance of this structure and it’s preservation signals a rebirth and provides a continuum of spiritual traditions thought long forgotten. All the tribes of Turtle Island, which is what the Native Americans called what is now known as North America, prophesized the coming of a people from all walks of life, all races, all creeds that would teach the ways of Great Spirit and restore the Earth back to harmony. These people would be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.



After Hurricane Andrew, the Miami Rainbow Circle moved to Peacock Park closer to downtown Coconut Grove. I helped focalize it til ’97 when I became the Associate Director of the Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana and went on the FL Medical Marijuana Referendum Tour with Federal Patient Elvy Musikka. When I moved back to the Grove the Miami Rainbow Circle had fell apart, the post Cocowalk Grove a mere shadow of itself but by then the other Miami Circle had been discovered. Sort of miraculous it was preserved and now there’s a beautiful park there where people still gather.







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