Born Funny



People read my blog and usually say something stupid like ” you should be a comedian…” duh, I am a comedian, I write a comedy blog for fun what do I got to be on t.v.? What I think you really mean is a professional one because this shit is really funny and somebody should pay me to do it. So thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment.


What can I say I was born funny. No not literally like I came out of the womb ass first with clown makeup on. I mean I’ve always looked at life as being absurd and being funny is something that came easy to me. Not only did it get me lots of attention at school but it also got me out of some hairy situations, too. ( By the way, I mean that as in Funny ha ha with a capital F, and if Joe Pesci asks, funny how? funny like a clown, I’ll say why yes, exactly!) I remember I got my first big laugh when I was in the second grade. Butch was the class bully and somehow he had made it to second grade without actually learning to read and write. He bullied me throughout that school year to help him here and there. I don’t know how he got by. Then one day we were putting on something like a tv game show where we had to go up in of the class and when they asked us questions, we wrote our answers on the back of these poster boards. When it was your turn, you would turn it over and show your answer. He had asked me to write the answers down for him. I forgot what I wrote, something innocuous like “KICK ME,” but whatever it was when he turned that board over the whole class erupted in laughter. Of course I had to run home from school everyday for the rest of the semester but it was well worth it. I later graduated to doing things like the morning announcements on acid in high school funny and you can too…all I really wanted to say to you is be funny with a capital F. The world needs funny motherf…



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