Hey Bulldog



I just played South Broward High School’s 100th Anniversary to rapturous applause. ( Go Bulldog’s ) It’s here in Hollywood. ( the one in Florida ) I didn’t go there. I went to high school in Maryland but I’ve lived in the area a longtime. I was invited to play by one of the organizers, Susan Ostheim. She’s an art teacher there and was one of my yoga students at Secret Woods. As I was setting up, this kid with dreads comes up to me and says ” hey Space Hippie, do you remember me? ” I didn’t but I had taught him guitar lessons when he was a kid. There was a couple of them I did recognize, though.Then another guy see me as asks, ” didn’t I do to film school with you at the University of Miami?” Turns out we worked on a couple of films together in college. That’s back when I first got the Space Hippie nickname. I couldn’t live it down so I made it into a career. So I had a great day. Everybody was very nice to me. Looks like I’ve become somewhat of a local celebrity. It feels good to be a part of the community. It’s reminds me of a quote from Jerry Garcia. Jerry was talking a reporter about the Grateful Dead and said, “We’re like bad architecture and old whores, eventually you get respectable if you’re around long enough.”

Jerry Garcia 69346-7



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