Starbucks of the Rich and Famous


Bal-Harbour-Condos-and-homes-for-sale2I’m teaching guitar lessons to these kids in Bal Harbor that live in a beautiful gated community full of these huge mansions that runs along side Biscayne Bay. Pretty ritzy neighborhood. They valet park your cars at the local Publix. I was too broke to pay attention and I had some time to kill so I ended up where else? At the Starbucks across the street from the Trump Towers. Hey buddy could you spare $5 for an iced moca cappucino? Make that $10. The place was packed full of very tan people in fake animal print clothing talking very loud on their cellphones.


While I was there, I figured I’d put up one of my lessons flyers and try and get another lesson or two in the area. I mean they have a bulletin board in every Starbucks, right? And a million people walk by all day long and maybe one of them wants to take guitar lessons and will see it and call me. Except they don’t see it because the Neo Nazi wanna be’s that work at Starbucks take my flyers down as soon as they see them. If I was a church or a non profit organization it would be fine they say. I tell them it’s part of my outreach program for Space Hippie Worldwide Ministries and I am raising funds for the Ministry but that just falls on deaf ears.

Guitar Flyer

Of course putting up Guitar Lessons flyer is strickly verboten ( and I’ve had angry managers call me up minutes after Nazis f**** really? ) but that of course wasn’t going to stop me. I put up a flyer anyway. All I need it to be up long enough for at least one person to tear off my number and call for lessons. I wasn’t really expecting to hear back from anyone but then I got a call from this guy that lives on the 21st floor of one of the beachfront condominiums across the street. He want’s to start playing guitar again. He has one but it needs a little work. So I scheduled a lesson for later in the week. Great, I could use the bread. f.y.i. this is what the backside of the Starbucks logo looks like.




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