No Glove, No Love


With all the media hoopla surrounding the current election with states legalizing marijuana, gay marriage, incest, bestiality, etc. There was one important piece of legislation passed that got overlooked. In California, Los Angeles voters passed the Safe Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act. The bill makes condom use mandatory in all porno productions ( and being California if you want to smoke afterward you’ll have to go outside and stand at least 50 feet from any public building. ) so NO GLOVE, NO LOVE…at least not on camera, you got that! While I’m all for safe sex and use condoms in my personal life, ( maybe that’s why I’m still here! ) I don’t necessarily want the performers in porno to wear them. Hypathetically speaking that is if I were to watch a porno. Sadly the money shot will never be the same again. Since the law only passed in California some think it will be a boost for South Florida’s already burgeoning porn industry. ( Aspiring talent please contact me in care of Space Hippie Worldwide Ministries )

Look some anonymous do-gooder from the Romney campaign kindly mailed these out.


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