the Redskins Rule


Some people think that the Presidential race is determined by the popular vote – the number of people that vote for one candidate ( but several Presidents, including G.W. Bush against Al Gore have lost the popular vote and still won the election because of the electoral college, look it up! ) It’s really because of the Redskins Rule. If the Washington Redskins win their last home game before the election, then the incumbent party will win the election. According to Wikipedia, the Redskins Rule is a trend involving NFL football and United States presidential elections. Briefly stated, there is a high correlation between the outcome of the most recent Washington Redskins home football game and the U.S. Presidential Election: when the Redskins win, the party which won the popular vote in the previous election wins the electoral vote for the White House, and vice versa. This coincidence has been noted by many sports and political commentators

That rule had held true since 1936, that is until 2004 when GW stole the election. That year the Redskins lost to the Greenbay Packers by a hanging chad.

p.s. In the upcoming Obama vs. Romney election, the Redskins are playing the Carolina Panthers. Here’s their new logo:

reminds me of something, hmm…


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  1. footnote: yes in the 2000 election, GW Bush lost the popular vote by over a half a million votes ( Al Gore 50,992,335 votes to Bush’s 50,455,156 ) but won the election by the electoral college. The Redskins lost to the Tennesse Titans that day and some blame the loss ( of both the game and the election ) to Al Gore cheering on his hometown Titans.

  2. the 2004 election was another matter entirely. The Redskins lost to Greenbay Packers and according to the Redskins rule, John Kerry should have won. Since the Redskins rule is unfallible many conclude that the election was rigged…um, that and other reasons.

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