Raped by a Republican


Q. Have you ever been Raped by a Republican?

A. um Nixon, Ford, Reagan…

Q. I mean lately…

A. ok George Bush, G.W.

Q. Yeah but was it a ” legitimate ” rape? c’mon you know you wanted it…

That term ” legitimate ” rape was uttered by GOP candidate Todd Akin this past week setting off a firestorm of controversy. It was in reference to women who were ” legitimately ” raped not needing abortions because their bodies somehow blocked unwanted pregnancies under those circumstances. Which is of course is not true and a completely idiotic thing to say.

Now Mitt Romney is backpedalling as fast as he can to distance himself from him.The GOP wants him to drop out of the Senate race but Akin won’t budge. It looks like it might even cost Mitt the election.

While they might not have their facts straight this time.

They can be rest assured that the rapes that occur daily in our Nation’s overcrowded, violent prisons

( which is largely due to the failed policies of the War on Drugs ) do not,

I repeat do not result in pregnancies.


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