Pot Tarts!


Breakfast will never be the same ol’ same ol’ again. Glory glory hallelujah, rise and shine ’cause it’s time to wake and bake! Kellogg’s has just introduced a new product that’s generating quite a buzz in the industry. Kellogg’s Strawberry Pot Tarts, made with real weed. This is a real surprise coming from a company that was thought to be not 420 friendly in the least, after dropping Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps from an endorsement deal after pictures of him toking on a bong surfaced on the internet in 2009.

But times have changed and now with their competitors Quaker Oats and General Mills coming out with Capt’n Chronic and Weedies cereal respectively ( not to mention Gerneral Mills snapping up Phelps and other celebrities as enthusiastic spokesmen ) it was time for Kellogg’s to step up their game!


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