Astronomically Correct


You might have noticed my blog is befittingly full of posts about planets, stars, and black holes and the like. After all I do have the nickname Space Hippie. Back in the day I worked at the Miami Transit Planetarium. I ran the star shows. My boss was none other than the Star Hustler himself, Jack Horkheimer. He had a nationally syndicated show on PBS where he would walk out on a moonbeam and say ” Greetings fellow star gazers ” then tell you what to look for in the night’s sky, always ending by gesturing skyward saying ” Keep looking up ” before walking back up the moonbeam.


He was a trip. I have some fond memories of working there, like the time Jimi Hendrix’s face appeared in the heaven’s when I was doing a star show for a local elementary school that was on a field trip. Ha ha, the slides must have gotten mixed up with the ones from the laser light shows they did on the weekend.


And I have some not so fond memories like it being freezing and sick as a dog, having to endure hours and hours of the Mannenheim Steamroller’s Christmas show. Absolute torture. Jack knew his shit, he was the best. But all I’ll say is the guy I had to deal with wasn’t the always the lovable Star Hustler that you saw on tv. I can laugh about it now but it did not end well. That Christmas show was the last straw. I remember when I quit as I was walking away I looked back at him and yelled ” Keep looking up, ASSHOLE! ” I guess that wasn’t very astronomically correct of me, huh?

Surreal, informative, as well as entertaining check out one of the old Star Hustler’s episodes on You Tube:


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