Transit of Venus


The Transit of Venus across the Sun takes place tomorrow. This will be the last transit of Venus to occur until

December 2117. For those of us in North America, we will see Venus transit on June 5 around 5:30 p.m. EDT until

sunset. ( It won’t be visible in South America. )

For over six hours when Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth, it will appear as a small dark disc moving

across the face of the Sun. A transit is similar to a solar eclipse when the Moon fully or partially blocks the sun.  While

the diameter of Venus is almost 3 1/2 times that of the Moon, Venus appears way smaller because it is much,

much farther away from Earth. Read more about the transit of Venus on Wikipedia:

Besides, being a very rare astronomical phenomenon, ( The transit of Venus occurs in a pattern that repeats every 115

years, with pairs of transits eight years apart. This is the second of the current pair, the first one occuring in June 2004 )

the transit of Venus is believed to bring about metaphysical transformations. The 8 year period between the transits is

thought to be a “doorway” through which Unity consciousness effects the mass consciousness of the Earth. In many

cultures Venus has long been symbolic of divine feminity. The roman Goddess, Venus was associated with love,

beauty, and fertility. The astronomical symbol for Venus is the same as that used in biology for the female sex.

Indeed, in modern culture everyone knows Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Which makes me wonder if that is true, and Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus…then where are

transexuals from?

( If you don’t get my joke, look here: )

So happy viewing, take precautions and don’t burn yer eyes out…see how much fun it is gazing at the Sun? Better than

t.v. You’ll never now what you’ll see…again!

write on…


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