God Bless Amercia


Mitt’s campaign made a little misspelling boo boo, on their campaign mobile ap recently. No biggie really, they just misspelled the name of the country they are trying to run. Or maybe perhaps it’s a Freudian slip, Amer C-I-A…

C-I-A, remember them? Accused of everything from drug running to the assignation of JFK, somehow they ride off into the sunset looking like the good guys yet again. If you believe Bush stole his re-election ( which the evidence seems to confirm ) does it really matter who you vote for? I mean really? Obama sold you a bill of goods on that whole ” Change ” thing but if you ask me that’s all we got, a pocketful. ( yeah the good weed ain’t cheap! )

So who am I voting for you ask? Me vote!? I’m a five time convicted felon. It ain’t happening. You’re on your own.

p.s. if you’re wondering who’s going to win ask Kid Rock…

Cowboy, baby…


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