my 100th post!!!


This is my 100th post. I started this blog last summer when I was bored one day. Wow, so in less than year I wrote a 100 posts that were viewed by 10’s of 1,000’s of people in over 44 different countries ( they breakdown the statistic for top views by country ) check it out:  

So all that and I still can’t get anybody in South Florida to come see me play! I’m happy with my blog but I know compared to most other blogs mine is primitive as fuck. Hey I freely admit I know next to nothing about building websites…New Times Roman is the only font I’ve used and html? what’s that? Most of this blog was done at the public library or using the free wifi at Denny’s ( usually at 4 in the morning! ). When I first started they let me post video links but now I need to pay for a video upgrade or some shit. So far this blog hasn’t cost me a cent and for that I thank you Word Press. I’m pretty broke these days. It would be nice to upgrade and acquire some blogging skills but to be honest with you I don’t know much about the whole blogging scene. At first I was planning use this to write my memoirs but soon got sidetracked and gave up on any sort of chronological order. I’ve told people this blog is all zen, but they don’t believe me. What I mean by that is I keep my mind blank, don’t plan anything, and only write when inspiration strikes. If it cracks me up then I figure it’ll crack somebody else up too. So I hope you enjoyed reading it and if I get any more ideas I’ll keep you posted. Right now, ” my head’s all empty and I don’t care “…write on, Space Hippie p.s. see below for my Top 5 favorite posts

here is my Top 5 favorite posts, my ” Greatest Hits ” so to speak…

1.  Talking Dog For Sale

a short and sweet story about when I answered an ad for a talking dog that I saw on Craig’s List…

2. Diver Down

fond recollections of having sex at a Van Halen concert with my high school sweetheart…

3. Pissing Off The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame

the true tale of a cross country road trip with a teenage runaway that culminated with me taking a piss off the top of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame…

4. More Cowbell

I got a fever, and the only precription is more cowbell!

5. Did I Ever Tell You About The Doobie Tosser?

The Annual Doobie Tosses in Gainesville were the best time ever. Perhaps this will inspire some of you to start one in your town.

enjoy and stay tuned… coming soon: WWJD!


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